Premier Drumkit Identification


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Hey guys,
I need your help to identify my brother´s drumkit I want to sell. I´m not a drummer myself, so i don´t know much about it. I was told it is made from rosewood, but i personally don´t believe it. The problem is that I don´t possess any certificates that confirm the production year, or what wood was used. Without this information, I can´t sell the kit. He bought it about 15 years ago from his former drum teacher

I hope you can help me out.

Thank you


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That’s an XPK kit from 1996-97. Colour is called rosewood. Drums are birch inside and out, with a eucalyptus centre.

Edit: Colour is probably ‘Ruby’ because the others in the range were named after gemstones: Sapphire, Topaz, Turquoise, etc.

Another edit: Its called Rosewood. Picture on page 12 of Rebound Four.
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If you want to maximize your profit, sell the Premier drums and the stands for the mounting of the large toms as one package.
The remaining stuff (cymbals, pedals,...) can be sold individually. It's also easier to ship the rest, so you'll attract more buyers.