Premier drum restoration…


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I had a set of Premier Signia in cherry finish and they were incredible drums. The only reason I sold them was due to space constraints at that time. If I had them today, I’d play them with a fine breakfast tea.
Signia's are beautiful drums. I hanker after the anniversary :love:


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1025 - 14x5 steel, 8 lugs
1035 - 14x5 steel, 10 lugs
35 - 14x5 aluminium, 10 lugs

1026 - 14x6.5 steel, 8 lugs and the standard snare that came with all of the long lug APK/XPK kits
1036 - 14x6.5 steel, 10 lugs
36 - 14x6.5 aluminium, 10 lugs
ahh thats where i was getting things confused, thanks for the info! :D