Premier Cabria UPDATE


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My kit's seen some changes since I last had pictures of it, so I thought I'd share how they look now.
I took the tom holder off of my 12" tom and now have it in a snare stand to get it in just the right position. I haven't noticed a real change in the sound. I've also broken a cymbal stand, so I've been trying my setup without my 18" AA Rock Crash, and sometimes even without my Xs20 china. I'm a fan of the downsize. In cymbals.

I have however added some more instruments to it. I bought a tambourine that I could mount on a tom arm, and it hangs under my ride cymbal. I also bought a Latin Percussion woodblock and put it on my hi hat stand, above my hats.

Specs are:
Premier Cabria APK, black diamond finish
20x18 bd
12x8 tt
14x14 ft
14x5.5 sd

14" Xs20 medium hats
18" Xs20 medium thin crash
20" AA medium ride
18" Xs20 china

LP woodblock, some tambourine whose brand name I don't recall, remo coated ambs on the tom and snare batters, stock resos, coated PS3 on the bass batter, coated amb bass reso
a bunch of different hardware. I'm a fan of the Pearl stand my crash is on. Lightweight but reliable.

I think that's about it...OH YEAH. The pictures :p










That's a lovely set up you've got there. It looks just right, if you get what I mean.

I'm loving that bass drum head aswell. Did you do that yourself??


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Nice set!!! congrats.. tell me... would you try some emperors on toms and powerstroke 3 on snare?? I tell you for mongels...


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Thank you everyone.

to CBPEAVEY, the bass drum head was done by a friend of mine. The same friend who did that big technicolour portrait behind the kit.

And to ibernalq, I am thinking of going for coated emperors next time I get heads, and a PS3 might not be a bad idea for the snare.
And I'm a big advocate of Xs20s. Great sounding cymbals and very affordable. I recorded with the hats and the crash. I did check out some HH hats at a local music store, and I may be getting those soon, but the Xs20s are still really good.