premier 26 rock legend

carlos mcc

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hello everyone, im looking advise on this premier 26 rocklegend kit, it has a bass drum tom mount which i thought i should not come with and its pink. all i can tell you is that its Maple and comes with protection racket cases. id like to know if it is legit and what its worth before i buy it



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I'm happy to be corrected but that doesn't look like an Artist Rock Legend Kit to me. The Premier "script" badges and the lugs make me think it's a Premier Series kit from the mid to late 2000s. If it is then it was handmade in the UK and is as good a kit as you'll find. However, I can't find any record of that colour and the Series line did bass drums up to 24" in size as far as I know and not 26".
It certainly is unusual, perhaps it was a custom made kit hence the size and colour.
I don't have a clue as to value, a lot will depend upon where you are, and I'll add the caveat again that I reserve the right to be slightly or totally wrong with what I've written.

It could be the Premier Series Elite, iirc every bit as "good" as the Premier Series but made in Taiwan and available at a lower RRP. Again no sign of that colour but the link below does say that it came in 40 different finishes plus it also shows 26" bass drums availability.

However to confuse matters further, looking through the bass drum reso port it looks as though the shell is a "Traditional" one with a reinforcing ring. This then makes me think that it's the Premier Series as opposed to the Premier Series Elite. Great fun this!
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Hmm, that sounds too much whichever line of kit it is.
Having spent ages trying, and failing, to sell an older Premier kit it seems to me that the market is a buyer's one. If I had the space and inclination I'd jump on that kit if it had a 24" bass drum and I'd be considering somewhere around £600 as a fair price. But it doesn't matter how well made a kit is, if it's pink sparkle and has a 26" bass drum you're limited as to how many people will buy it. Even with the set of Pro Racket cases I'd baulk at £800 all in.