Practicing While Overseas


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Hey everyone! I'm new here and am looking for some ideas, or maybe someone to point me in the right direction. I travel qutie a bit for work, which usually leaves me with limited time to practice drumming while I'm home. Does anyone know of an existing or possibly even creating a small (fit in a suitcase small) electronic drum set for practicing on the road. Getting bored of using the pillows in the hotel rooms. I would ideally just want a kick, snare, hat setup. Can pads be bought individually to make something like this?




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Hmm, possibly. I have looked at the yamaha dd-65, similar idea but still to big. Maybe this is smaller. I wonder how it compares.


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hey. i've 'pounded' on this before, but my experience is that working with your hands on a pad is invaluable to increasing your kit skill and time lost there, in my opinion.

then have you seen these dealie-yos for your foots?