Practicing my pedaling, without a kit


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So Iive in an apartment, and since im bandless, my kit is being stored at my parents place, in another city... What can I do to practice my double pedaling without my kit?

I have my pedals in my apartment, anyone recommend a kick drum substitute for quiet practice?


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Flat foot on the ground is great for developing ankle control, heel up on the ground develops the whole leg, and finally you could just get an electronic kick pad by roland or yamaha and practice with that. You may want to build a simple little platform with a pad between you and floor as well, this will help stop the vibrations (& noise) from bothering your downstairs neighbor.


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There's also this practice pedal out on the market called the Hansen Futz. I've never tried it, but the reviews on it are pretty good. You can simply buy two of these to practice double bass. In Singapore they're about 50 dollars each, so I guess you could do the math!