Practicing ALL aspects of drumming.


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Hello fellow musicians!

Here's a subject that needs to be addressed; it's how and WHAT we practice. There are two neglected areas of drumset that never seem to get any attention in the practice room. How often do we practice TUNING? It's not something you just instinctively do every time we get a birthday present from remo. If we would spend some time with a key in our hands instead of learning to play flam drags at 9000 bpm up to our noses, we'd be amazed at how much better we would sound at a gig. Which brings me to my next point, groove.

There's big difference between learning to muscle out a groove and actually getting inside the music. One thing I've noticed is that instead of buying albums of my favorite drummers, I would purchase albums of my favorite BASS players. There is so much that the bass player is trying to communicate. I think a portion of our practice sessions should be to forget right and wrong, and work on making everything comfortable for yourself and the group. A great quote from Harvey Mason was "I just showed up and played a beat, and they kept calling me." However yes, you need to spend your whole life in the stick control book, but go grab a Ray Brown trio album and learn to swing; make it dance!

Getting those "sick chops" wont help anyone groove, but if one focuses on the groove, the technical facility will help you communicate your story.

The ultimate goal of any practice session is improving our sound.


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I occasionally practise tuning because i really ain't good at it... REALLY AINT. - AND i want a good sound out of my drums... That's is really the biggest thing pulling me into that nightmare..
My guitarist friend picks out the music i play. He really just send me music, and i play it. I really need something new to play sometimes... - so he get's it :D

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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I guess it comes down to always go for musicality and control no matter what you practice. Sound and groove is part of that. Separating is to improve certain specific areas, but then it should go back to how it's used.