Practice/travel kit!

Bo Eder

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Scored some orphan Pearl drums over the last couple of weeks and have pieced together a kit that I can thrash about town. In my pick up truck, I noticed that a 22x18 bass drum will not fit in the back seat of my quad cab. The door is just not wide enough. But, a 22x16 fits easily! So it was very cool when a buddy of mine had a couple of Pearl Session drums (22x16, and a 12x9 tom) that he was willing to give me for $75. He also had a Pearl Export 16x16 floor tom in adequate condition that he sold me the next week for $25!

So I got them home, gave them a cleaning and fitted with newer heads, and the drums sound really nice. So my entire 4-piece kit of this, plus a couple of cymbal stands, snares stands, hi-hat stand, pedal, and throne, and cymbal and stick bags all fit in the back seat of the quad cab. Whew! I had some wood hoops lying around and decided to lighten the load even more by putting them on the toms- very cool. Check it out:



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Great score Bo!
I love session series, and exports were my first purchase of drums on my own - awesome drums.
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