Practice Pad for Rim Shots


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Can anyone recommend a good practice pad for working on rim shots? I don't want to spend an hour at a time banging out rim shots on my snare drum. I think I'd drive myself and my neighbours nuts. Of course, there won't be any "silent" solution, but something quieter than an actual snare drum would be nice.


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The problem with practicing rim shots on a practice pad, is that you never hear if they are really ok..

There are a lot of ways to play a rim shot, with each a lot of differences in sound, but those will never be heard on a practice pad..

On a practice pad you only hear if the one rim shot is kinda equal to the other, which (when moving to a snare drum) is not saying that much..


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If you're looking for a practice pad with a rim, I like the new pads from Movement Drum Co. They're pretty loud, though.