Practice pad comparison


Here's my comparison video featuring Reflexx, Moongel, Vic Firth, Sabian, Remo practice pads.
You will notice the volume and bounce differences easily....and my current favourites are Reflexx and Moongel for a quiet living room practice.


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Nice video!

I just got the Moongel pad a few days ago...gonna use it to work on my French grip and finger technique. It'll be interesting to see how it effects my playing in church this Sunday. :)

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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I agree on the Moongel. Apart from being the right thing for a lot of my practcie now, it's the form factor, low volume and ease of transportation. I just got three more, so now I have four. Add the lightest cheapest stand I could find, a bunch of Evans pad stands and it's great for travel and easily changing up the practice kit.

The Reflexx is quiet, I'll give it that. It works on a snare to warm up and it's also easy to position if you don't have a stand in a hotel room etc... I'd really like a smaller one sided version of the firmer side with 8mm threads on it.

When a little noise isn't an issue, for the best overall pad the Xymox laminate wins for me, though. It takes just a tad more effort to plan than my snare and it's very articulate. You can't cheat and it doesn't hurt your technique.

I have Super-Pads to cover my whole kit and more, so those come in handy all the time. Medium high rack tom feel, I guess.

All these new options are great to have. People can talk about playing real drums all they want, but in my world and I'm sure in many other's, that's not alwys so easy. Something that feels right and gives you the ability to practice all the moves is worth it's weight in gold.

For a simple soulution I think a Xymox and Moongel combo covers a lot of bases.

The only pads I'm still curious aobut, because I've never tried them, are these
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Yes, but, he didn't inspire this setup. Just messin around. I think I like this setup. For now. As you can tell, it's setup for traditional grip.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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I change it around all the time. Since I got my 3 additional Moongels this week, this is probably how it'll look through the holidays.

Dw practice pedal on the left, so I can just do a twist and pratice left handed.



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My new favorite practice pad:


If you like a little more bounce without a plastic'y feel, try one of these out.

p.s. Crap, if I practice tomorrow, I'm gonna have to wear a couple band-aids. lol
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