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Well, after two days of playing and messing with the tuning i think this is a failed attempt by remo. The first thing i noticed when playing it is that it had a vibrating plasticy attack sound that would not go away no matter which way it was tuned or when i added some dampening on the head. Also, i expected the head to be very punchy and it did have some punch but it sounded muffled..similar to what i heard on the powersonic head. Definitely an improvement over the powersonic but i'd take the ps3 over this thing any day.
I've been playing with the Powerstroke Pro more this past week. and I'm beginning to understand where your complaints are coming from. I don't, however, agree with them all as being negative things.

There is definitely a plastic sort of sound. It's coming from the foam rings against the surface of the head. I'm confident that this isn't something the audience is going to hear, and when I'm playing I don't notice it at all (which is why I'm only just now understanding what you were talking about). Karl here may be coming to my gig tonight, so we'll have to let him be the judge of that!

Also the head doesn't sound muffled exactly (even though there's foam, it's actually on the top of the head, not inside the drum) it's just producing a lower frequency. Lower frequencies have a longer wavelength that are harder for our ears to pick up. I will admit it was a little harder to hear the bass drum from behind the kit during a rather loud rehearsal in my tiny basement. Again, looking forward to seeing how it works out at my little gig tonight, and looking forward even more to the next time I play when my drums are all mic'd up. I imagine this head is going to produce it's absolute best results under those mic'd conditions.

Just an hour ago, I went back and played my other bass drum with a Powerstroke 3 on it today for the first time since I got the Powerstroke Pro. HUGE difference. It was to the point where I don't think I even like the sound of that drum, that drum which only a few weeks ago I thought was the better-sounding bass drum after putting that P3 on it.


i agree that the ps pro produces a much lower frequency than other heads and that it would probably sound its best under the mic. IT has some good characteristics that the emad lacks. I realize that remo wasnt going for a carbon copy of the emad. But my opinion is still that the emad gives a huge sound with a killer punch with or without mics.

Just for peace of mind and for fun Im gonna do a recording of both of them with my zoom recorder and my audix bass mic...see how they compare. Who knows? Maybe ill prefer the remo
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So when I started out the gig it was a little difficult to hear the bass drum. No problem, just turned the felt beater around to the plastic side and I was right where I needed to be. I'd held of doing this earlier since I wanted to wait until I got a double pedal Falam Slam pad (it comes with a single), and even ended up waiting until we were maybe a third of the way through the night. Even un-mic'd, after doing that I thought it sounded great.