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Posture is very important Larry. After I started having Alexander Technique lessons my posture improved dramatically thus my playing. I would urge you to find an Alexander Technique teacher and have some lessons. Mine was specialized in musicians so she corrected my posture directly on the drum kit
I'm still looking for one in my area, following your advice :/ However, I live in a bit of a black hole so I may have to widen my search.


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Aeolian, thanks for your post. My last gig I did try and correct my posture. I think I did it pretty good for most of the night. I think I can get on board with this. After I do it for a while it will become more automatic. It just looks better. Looks count.

It's not that my core is super weak or anything. It's more about pushing my lower back forward, and not allowing it to slump.. It's all about eliminating the negative factors. I don't want to look slumped, it's bad enough I'm the only one sitting. The least I can do is to try and sit properly so I don't look like a slob.


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GeoB I am not sure where you got your opinions on Pilates not being for the male it because women predominately do these classes ? Or is there some evidence based information to back that up. If its women mostly do pilates then Thai Chi is out because Larry is not Hahn Chinese.
I recall reading that in some AAFA literature and the point was that structurally men might be prone to lower back pain after a Pilates session. If there is discomfort it is probably a good idea to avoid certain techniques. Why men and not women? Hip structure. Do male and female hips differ? Yes they do. Perhaps pads or pillows or whatever can change the angles a bit and reduce the stress.

I was working through Yoga routines and again... there are many postures that put a lot of undue stress on joints, ligs, and tendons.

So... my approach has developed more along the lines of Phys Therapy avoiding over articulation in the joint areas or over leveraging structure. We put together a routine from various sources and it works; for me.

In saying that... and this is my point... everyone is different structurally and to think that one-size-fits-all is not a proper mind set.
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... "XYZ star drummer had piss-poor posture" is total bunk. So what? Poor posture is a barrier to peak physical performance. Period. That those guys can/could play like that with poor posture is irrelevant.
I agree. I see that line of thinking in many areas of life, "XYZ did it the hard/wrong/bad/dangerous/sloppy/inefficient way and he was the GREATEST!". My response, which is usually ignored or not understood is simply, "And how much better would he have been if he had done it the easy/right/good/safe/graceful/efficient way?"