Posthumous all star band


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I often have this same discussion with other musicians

Mine would be:

John Bonham drums
Cliff Burton bass
Dimebag Darell guitar
Randy Rhodes guitar
Freddy Mercury vocals and piano/keys

Gene Frenkle More Cowbell


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Keith Moon-Drums
Bon Scott-Vocals
Jimi Hendrix-Guitar
Joe Strummer-Rhythm guitar
John Entwistle-Bass


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to make a good band would they not all have to be quite well suited to one another...not just your favourite musicians from a certain point?

I'd go with-

Jaco on Bass/general vocal noises,
Jeff Porcarco on drums,
Jimi on guitar/more specialty vocalising,
Miles just to get some jazz in there....

i dunno...

im riffing at this point...
Awesome riff.. awesome band . So what tunes would they play?

Mr. Dyck

This is not an easy decision. There must be awesome jam sessions going on in the afterlife. I'd like to hear: Bon Scott - voice, Mick Tucker - drums, John Enwhistle - bass, Steve Clark - guitar, SRV - lead guitar. I think having Texas blues with a bunch of old school rockers could be really cool.