Post your practice pad excursions/meanderings here


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Played on my Pat Petrillo P4 Practice Pad. Here's how I recorded this:

I put my practice pad on a coffee table next to my sofa. I placed a bar stool on top off the coffee table, directly above my pad. I stuck a couple books under one leg of the stool to tilt it to the right angle and set my BlackBerry on top of the stool with the help of a USB stick under one side of it to help aim it.

So you guys may have better drumming skills than me, but I challenge anyone to produce a more makeshift, crapola video than this.

Seriously, a lot of us spend more time playing on our practice pads than on our drums. I live in an apartment, so there's simply no way around it for me. But pads can be fun and great players can do great stuff on them.

I really like the P4 pad because of the different surfaces. Of course, it's not meant to be played like this, leaning over at a ridiculous angle and having the backsticks occasionally striking the surface of a coffee table. But the different sounds and feels of each surface add some variety and replicate the different surfaces of a drum set, like snare, cymbals, toms, etc.

Post your own.

Anthony Amodeo

love the P4

I'll bust one of these vids out in a bit


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for the moment pad HQ, I just bought an invader pad on internet and wait for it, I will post something when i'll get it...

Nice paradiddles. I got the Tommy Igoe Great Hands DVD a few months ago and it really got me working on my paradiddle variations again for the first time in years. I like the way you incorporate the double paradiddles. That exercise that Tommy does during the lifetime warmup with the series of single, double and triple is my favorite.

Bo, awesome. You have such great hands. I wish I could sing (hum?).


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Here's Crazy Army. Most people recognize this as the solo Gadd plays. He skips the second section of this, the part with the 16th note triplets, and he varies the accent patterns a bit. He also orchestrates it on the drum set.

I'm playing the version as written by Ed Lemley, who wrote the piece. At least, as far as I know, this is the original version.



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Nice chops 8 Mile...your doubles sound pretty damn good. Almost sounds like you have a marching background?


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Thanks for the transcription 8mile! I've been working on my doubles lately and they are finally getting somewhere halfway decent. If I can get my flam rudiments up to scratch as well this will make for a fine solo to test myself.

Great video too. Really inspiring stuff.

Anthony Amodeo

here is a little warm up I like to use to wake up my hands before gigs and whatnot... done here at a medium 140 bpm


paradiddle - Rlrr Lrll

inward - rllR lrrL

reverse - rrLr llRl

outward - rLrl lRlr

a full measure of each returning to paradiddle between each one

capitols being the accents of course

try it out....and watch out for the outward paradiddle ...she can be a bugger
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