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For me it's all about being SOLID. Whether I'm laying down a phat groove, blowing up some chops, tearing up some bebop or fusion, whatever, I can lock into that pulse and find that good time feeling. I know I still have so many things to learn, but I'm confident my sense of time can get me through most any gig (even with musician far my superior in other abilities).

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not to toot my own horn, but you asked, so...

I think one of my strengths would be that I can how to play learn an entire song just by listening to it on a CD and maybe playing through it a couple times. some musicians I know can't learn a song by ear as fast as I can.

but the downside to that is, I'm so used to learning by ear, I can't read music fast at all. I can do it, but it takes me a really long time to figure out a song from just tabs or sheet music.
pretty much the exact same!!!! drum teacher tells me to play in a lesson...1 mabye 2 listens of a song and i have it as good as i ever am.....but he gives me a sheet to try and play at home......takes me a few days...OF HARD PRACTISE!.....but then again they are grade pieces and are just mainly made up os solos and awkward rudiments


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Learning 120 songs which i'd never heard before (because most were country) including harmonies in two weeks , being totally scared, not to mention stressed beyond belief , and actually nailing the gig. I put myself in these situations from time to time and hate every minute of it. The satisfaction afterwards however is priceless.


Im pretty sick with a double bass peadl. I can also do trade-off fills between the hands and feet better than anyone i have met. My greatest strength though would have to be that even though im good with the double bass pedal i dont over use it like most metal drummers do.


Hmmm...greatest strength. I'd say my groove is somewhat decent, I can hang in the pocket without doing anything too fancy. I have a tremendous backbeat rimshot for sure. I recently broke the piece of my snare drum that holds the top and bottom lugs in half, by hitting backbeats over that lug :)

My chops are decent. My hand/foot combo fills are nasty! I play with "balls" so to speak, but i'm in Rock and Metal situations so I guess that's okay!


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My greatest strength is playing for the song first at all times, and only adding what is needed to make the whole thing come together, being as solid as I can and keeping good time.


I have a fast left hand...kind of funny how it worked out, since when I started drumming I (naturally) went to hit the hi hat with my left hand and snare with my right. Well someone told me that you are supposed to cross and I was doing it all wrong. So rather than start drumming faster (I was getting simple beats down already how I was playing) I was forced to play hi hat with my right hand and it took me a week to get down the simple beats I had played on my first couple days of drumming the other way. Of course now it is "too late" (never REALLY too late, but it would take so long to switch back for a minimal speed increase) and it feels strange to play the other way. Of course my right is fairly quick and I can still do the "faster" rhythmic patterns on the hi-hat =P

(oh yeah and at everything else in life I am right-handed, hence the forced switch since my friends/teachers assumed my right would be faster)
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- Double bass speed (around 220BPM 16ths)
- One-hand "gravity" roll

Apart from that, I'm pretty much crap at drumming. (at least by my standards)


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Groove variations while comping, I always get a smile from one of the band members. sometimes even the soloist will turn and smile.


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I have a passion for music.

I know that's not a 'drum technique' per se, but if you're really into the music that you're playing you'll play with so much more feel and energy than just some session virtuoso who could give two craps what he's playing.


My greatest strength is that I always have a drumset in my mind. I'm always thinking about playing this, playing that, how to play, what variation should be added...
and I always think about drumming at school and when I'm walking, could this be a strength?