Post Your Greatest Strength

The Big Beat

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Ok, so theres a greatest weakness one, i figure why not a greatest strength. Post what drumming skill you are most proud of or what your best at.
For me, its my right foot speed, triples at 150 bpm whoo!


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Hey, I made this exact topic ages ago! It disappeared pretty quickly though, evidently people don't want to talk themselves up too much!


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I must say that I'm happy about independence. I had almost no problem at all separating my feet from my hands or playing open-handed and closed handed - it's quite easy for me to switch from open to closed in a song even if the snare is somewhat complex. I have a book called 4-Way Coordination and a lot of reviews I read say how it's a very hard book to move through but I've been breezing through it quite easily.

I do have plenty of weaknesses to balance me out though :)


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Lol im just going to say something, hopefully others will put aswell, KEEPING TIME haha, thats my greatest strength :)


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My left hand is my best attribute. I'm a lefty who plays righty. I do many one handed rolls and grace notes etc on my snare and my toms with my left hand.


Playing musically/supporting the band. I'm sure most of you guys at drummerworld have me bested in this respect, but as far as drummers in my school and area go, I'd say I'm pretty good. I don't do a whole lot of showing off and I'm pretty versatile, which I guess is more than a lot of my drumming friends can say. Hopefully it makes up some for my weakness in the chops and technical department.


Rock solid tempos. I practice with a metronome a lot and have most of my life. Works to my advantage when you have the bass player that wants to push everything (haha).
- Learn something new, everyday.
- Listen to any song, memorize it, practise it into the drums.
- Strong hands and fingers, feet, loose wrists.


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Creativty. I might not be the most solid groover, or consistent timekeeper, but I sure can make up new ideas, such as interesting and different beats and fills.

drummer girl09

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People tend to want me to play something at the last second. At church, this actually happened this morning. It was kinda scary for me to be so random like that, but it ended well, surprisingly. It's not the only time it's happened either. I guess mine would be to be able to listen, and play with it musically as possible, all in the total last minute of scheduling. If that can be a strength, then that would be mine. If that doesn't count, then just to be able to listen and coordinate with the other musicians in the band. I love playing shuffles on the hi-hat too, but that might not be a strength :p


My grooving and solid timing. And good communication with the band (most of the time).


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not to toot my own horn, but you asked, so...

I think one of my strengths would be that I can how to play learn an entire song just by listening to it on a CD and maybe playing through it a couple times. some musicians I know can't learn a song by ear as fast as I can.

but the downside to that is, I'm so used to learning by ear, I can't read music fast at all. I can do it, but it takes me a really long time to figure out a song from just tabs or sheet music.


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I'd have to say my biggest strength is my sense of time. I've worked hard on my ability to play odd-time signatures and incorporate strange rhythms into my grooves and fills.

Unfortunately unless I'm playing fusion jams with my friends I don't get a chance to use that stuff very often =/.


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What kind of fusion are you playing? odd times arnt really uncommon in fusion.

Im not much of a chops guy, id probably say groove.