Post your good experiences with manufacturers' service here


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I figure there's a whole bunch of threads where we talk about bad experiences when equipment fails, things aren't right, or we can't get the proper help to remedy a situation.

Let's do the opposite here.

I bought some Puresound Custom snares four or five months ago. About that same time I started tearing through resonant side heads on my old Ludwig Supraphonic. After the third or fourth head I was sure something was wrong with the roundness or bearing edge of the drum.It couldn't be my technique, for sure. :)

I shelved the Supra for a day I could have it looked at by someone and moved the snares over to my Spaun maple snare. I was mildly shocked when in my second practice session the bottom head burst wide open. I finally sorted out that there was a rough edge on the snare plate that was puncturing the head as I played. I bought my fifth snare side head at Vics and put some bandaid fabric on each corner of the plate. The head still hasn't failed after a week of playing.

I contacted D'Addario/Evans/Puresound, explained the issue and after some reasonable questioning about why I didn't replace the snares sooner, the rep agreed to send me new snares and two new Evans 300 heads. I honestly expected just to have the rep tell me to send in the defective ones and maybe get a half price credit for new ones.

I'm very happy with the attention given by the company, and was reminded of why I switched to Evans in the first place after they helped me 17-18 years ago.


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I contacted D'Addario/Evans/Puresound/ProMark about stick issues and they were very accommodating and addressed the problem without question.

I contacted Sonor (Germany) about a defection part and got new one from the US Distributor (Hohner) within a couple days, also without question. I have also contacted Sonor Germany about older parts and always received personal to the point replies in a very reasonable time.

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A clip broke on a 10 year old SKB road case i have, and they sent me out a new clip right away for free.

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One of the lugs on my Stage Custom kit broke, the screw that holds the lug to the shell broke off. Yamaha mailed me out a new one for no charge. Great service.