Post your Gig Pics


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Three bands, three gigs: Playing some jazz with Rhia Foster and friends Feb. 9th, with the Michael Carlos Band (indie/Latin rock/punk/whatevs) Feb 24th, and with my classic rock covers band The 509s (formerly Velvet Elvis) on March 16th.

Just realized, I'm wearing the same hat all three gigs. Hilarious.



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With my Tears For Fears tribute band. First pic was at the House of Blues Hollywood a couple years ago, the 2nd pic was right before a show earlier this month. You can see that I changed my front bass drum head from an ebony PS3 to a Gretsch fiberskyn with offset logo. Big improvement IMO.


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Greetings from the UK! Here's my trio playing a typical English pub gig - never enough room in these places, so I specialise in compact kits made from various repurposed drums, like this one.


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Hi All,
Long time listener, first time caller. Figure it was time to maybe actually post something.
Last Saturday the rocksteady band I'm in had the privilege of opening for the legendary Wailers. What a show! And the nicest guys too. Anyways, a couple pics...


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Hey y'all, here are some pictures from a gig I played this past Saturday (July 6th, 2019) with my group The SuperChief Band. It was a hot one, but we dug deep and played well!
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