Post The Weirdest Events In Music History


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I saw them live...on that lip syncing tour...the lowest point of my musical life. I went with a girl who I was with at the time, ,and she bought the tix, paid for parking....everything...

there I was in full metal regalia, in the midst of teeny pop hell...

but my GF was hot, and I was a sucker....the things we do...


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I grew up with Status Quo because my father is a huge fan. I love them. Been to 12 concerts until the rhythm guitar player passed away in 2016 and i cherish the memory (has been replaced now, but it's not the band i grew up with).
I also grew up in the 90's when Happy Hardcore and Dance (or Eurodance) music were really popular and really liked some tracks of the German Techno-band Scooter.

Now... someone thought it was a great idea to put those to together and this monstrosity happened:

To this day i still hate it with a passion haha. The played that song on tape after a gig around the time of the release and i ran out of the venue haha

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I cannot count the number of times I have watched this. It is hypnotic.



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Here is one of the godfathers of the Muppets in all their 20th century, prototypal, subversive madness and wit, singing one of the funniest, cleverest songs I know.

Groucho Marx and his Brothers performing "Lydia the Tattooed Lady".

Kermit the Frog later sang this in one of the craziest amalgams of 'goofy meets lurid' I've ever seen. And yes, Jim Henson even asked for this to be sung at his funeral and so it was.

Enjoy its various forms, including rare lyrics in Groucho's second clip.



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Searching for Sugar Man

yeah i saw that documentary. Really interesting. I found out about it from a heavy metal podcast that talks about movies and TV sometimes. It sounded so intriguing, that I had to track it down and watch it immediately.
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this reminds me of that hitler parody with the classical music that mel brooks did in the 80s.
Are you referring to the end of History of the World Part One?

Or The Producers?



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Yes . Not really my cup of tea but I respect his effort though .

The video doesn’t help matters . Although there are certainly more fitting examples of weird events in music . But it is weirdly entertaining.

And he did those high kicks before spandex jeans lol

He looks like it's painful for him to sing, I know it was similar listening to such a cookie cutter 80s song