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I second the Sabian AA Bash Ride suggestions... however, I would probably just get both a 21" and a 24" for Post-Rock stuff, then see if you absolutely need a third crash-ride type cymbal.

You may find that the 21" and 24" AA Bash Rides will cover all of your bases. Also, another VERY lovely crashable ride is the 20" HHX Evolution ride. However, it is a little pricey (as it's an HHX), and I have cracked one in the past from using it almost solely as a crash. From what I've heard so far, the Bash Rides are a lot tougher than the HHX Evolution Ride if you're going to be crash-riding on it a lot.


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Seems you'd like a bit thinner cymbals that open up better? I could tell you, Paiste 2002 hihats are GREAT thin, responsive hihats that's still got a full-bodied tone. For a crashable ride, pitch wise from low to high I'd recommend Zildjian A Sweet < Paiste 2002 regular < Paiste 602 Heavy < Zildjian A Medium. All the large crash cymbals from these lines would sound great too, though I'd also consider Zildjian K or K Constantinople for a small, faster crash that still opens up.


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Actually it's interesting to read through an older thread, thank you for refraining from the term 🧟‍♂️

and it's cool to see who was active on the forum so long ago...


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First of all sorry about my english, i’m french so i’ll try to do my best here 

So, I started a post-rock band recently. Inspired by Russian Circles, Explosions in the Sky, God is an astronaut, If These Trees Could Talk, MONO, This will destroy you and many more.

I’ve bought this AAX pack
- 1 Hi-Hats Xplosion 14”
- 1 Crash Xplosion 16”
- 1 Crash Xplosion 18”
- 1 Raw Bell Dry Ride 21”

But I’m not really satisfied about this set…

The ride is not really crashable I can’t really use it as a crash so I’m looking for something more versatile maybe.
The crashes are too explosive and maybe too small. I know that, in post-rock, drummer play with bigger cymbals like 22” 24” sometimes.
The hi-hat probably too heavy.

I want to change everything.

It’s really hard to find information about drum kit of post rock band…

Well I don t really know what I’m want but I know what I want to do: post rock =)

What best cymbals for that ?!
I found Paiste 2002 series or Giant beat or maybe K series ?

What’s the best Hi-hats, 2 crashs & a ride for post rock.

Thank you so much for answering ;)

Zildjian A’s