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In two minds about parents doing this kinda stuff. Think I'm gonna pull the post. The vid came into my recommendations with a ton of other drum, guitar, band stuff all mixed it does for everyone etc.
So, leave it or pull it?


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It's kind of exploitive. The video itself is not the baby playing a song. They've edited it to make it look like a complete "performance" She's playing some quarter notes for a few measures, though, and singing along with part of the song.

C.M. Jones

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I get a bit disturbed sometimes when I see stuff like this. How much is it the parents doing this to try to financially exploit their child?
My son, now six-years-old, has been wielding sticks since his first birthday. I would never, under any circumstances, post a video of his playing online. If he wishes to publicize his drumming, he can do so when he's old enough to exercise solid judgement. I want the decision to be his, not mine.