Possibly one of the best videos I've ever seen...


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Amazing skills, & an undercurrent of groove too which is nice, but I'm still getting over the "dudes" on the Premier stand at last year's LDS to fully enjoy this ;)


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This reminds me more of some people I watched over near the Sabian stand. I got a good hand-foot linear pattern from one of them afterwards.


love it

amazing playing

but with your eyes closed it could have all been one guy

that is my issue with these type of players ..... my only issue mind you


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Somewhere in New Zealand Phil Rudd is having a nightmare...or this could be called:

"Phil's Nightmare" lol

Of course the drumming is pretty darn spectacular from a technical perspective and motivational. I enjoyed it.

I did not catch the drum brand played by the first fella, but they ought to get him to test kick spurs and hardware.


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I often think "gospel chops" tend to be all speed and no groove, but this is just insane!

Amazing timing, and some of those hand/foot combos are mindblowingly fluent and powerful.

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That's it, my kit is for sale...

That was sick... I mean good sickness...

Chops, chops, chops and more chops...with some sickening grooves too... these guys are amazing, truly... the best bit is the last 3 minutes... and it's all improvised on the spur of the moment...

... yeah, I get the one guy feel too Anthony, they all sound kinda the same... which reinforce my wishes to sell my kit... so young and so gifted...

Thanks Ben :)


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These dudes are monsters, and they're playing as if their lives depended on it. Just crazy stuff that I would not be able to play in a million years.

Yet, I still can't find any satisfaction from this form of playing. I can understand and respect the talent that these guys have, but to me it just sounds like an angry wasp that you caught under the glass. Like jazz on steroids. All that energy is being released but I don't see nothing happening.

Not hating, just stating an opinion.


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So far I have only made it through the first 8 minutes, not because it is no good, but because it is great. The gentleman with the dreadlocks keeps reminding me of Bonham at the show Zep did in Denmark? or someplace and his kit kept moving forward, but this guy is really laying into it. I just keep saying to myself " Someone go get him 2 cement blocks to put in front of the kick drum." Thanks for the vid, I have it saved to Favs as well.


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Geez, I'm kinda surprised to see this much love here for these guys. I've beena fan of this collective of drummers for as long as I've been aware of them, which only goes back as far as Pridgen's first record with TMV, but still.

It's nice to see a group of guys pushing so hard on the awesomeness envelope while giving and receiving so much encouragement.

I get the fatigue bit, but given how over the top amazing they are, it takes me a long time before I need to tap out. And it's almost like a team sport the way they're going about it so it's not surprising that there's a similarity in styles. That part doesn't bother me much either.

Great link, Ben!


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love it

amazing playing

but with your eyes closed it could have all been one guy

that is my issue with these type of players ..... my only issue mind you
I was thinking something like that, too. It sounds like one guy with a ton of chops having a drum argument with himself.