Possible technique issue; chipping tips


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I have this issue now with only one stick, the one I use for hi hat, ride and cymbals. I'll play for a while (10+ hours of playing, not all at once) and the tips of my stick will split in half and the other half stays on the stick.

I play with the neck on the hi hat, usually, but on the other cymbals the stick is almost parallel. Could this cause the tip breaking?
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What kind of sticks are you using? I kind of run into the same problem, but with less playing time. I like the VF Erskine Ride sticks, but the tips on those are pretty small and after about a weeks worth (an hour a day) of playing the tips on those really start splitting. You may want to try something with a thicker shaft and larger head *smirk*.


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that's my number one beef with wood tip sticks. the tips always break before the stick itself breaks or wears out. i finally gave up and started using nylon tipped sticks, even though i like the sound of wood tipped sticks better.


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This is my number one issue with sticks.....I actually don't break many, but they all end up chipping away at the tip. I doubt it's a technique issue to be honest. I just think this is what happens when wood is continually belted against a hard surface i.e. bronze.


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I dunno, it happens to me too. I wouldn't say it's technique... I mean, your cymbal hand is hitting metal, your snare drum hand is hitting plastic. Which one do you think will chip first? I don't like the sound of plastic tips at all but I think I'm gonna switch because of this chipping thing, because after a while you can't even hear your wood stick hit the cymbal when the tip is all pulp.

Most major stick companies, including VF, have a guarantee that their plastic tips won't fly off on you. Take them up on it!


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I heard clear nail poish, brushed on the wood tips, (and allowed to dry duh!) gives your tips more mileage.

Never tried it. Don't know if it affects the sound.