Possible TD10 Module Problem


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Good day everyone.

I recently purchased a used early 2000's TD10. I am about to put the TDW-1 expansion module in today as well!!

Anyway, after playing for about 3 hours today, I smelled something from the board. It is the standard smell of a blown capacitor as I have smelled and replaced them on mother boards in the past (PC and TV).

Shortly after smelling it, the kick got distorted and then stopped working. The rest of the toms,cymbals, etc worked, but not the kick. I stopped playing for a minute and the kick came back sporadically. I powered off the module for a minute, and tried again and everything seemed fine for about 5 minutes, and then got distorted again but didn't completely cut out.

I assume it is a bad capacitor which, if I open it up should be easy enough to determine from a bulging top.

Before I rush down this path however, did anyone else ever experience this or can you think of something else it might be?



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A good question for the aficionados at www.vdrums.com

Good luck, that 15-year-old module still makes some great sounds and is worth keeping if it's a quick/cheap fix.