Positioning overheads


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Hey guys
Im micing my kit with 2 overheads , 1 snare and 1 kick mic. So obviously my overheads need to pick up both my toms and cymbals. Please could you give me some tips on how to pick up decent sound for both the toms and cymbals , need help with how close/far above to mic with overheads and how to EQ them.
Thanks alot!


Oh I wish I could remember the thread...but...

The overheads are basically in a horizontal line over the mid-point where your snare sits.

They are no more than 1 foot from the tops of cymbals.

Also, folks like to cross them so the left is aimed to the right at an angle and vice versa. This is to avoid phase issues.


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Thanks mate
But at the moment their picking up a good amount of cymbal but not much tom , and if i increase the trim of the overheads the cymbals will sound way too loud , and how should i EQ them to pick up the toms and cymbals well?]



My personal way of doing it. Sadly the clip is mono, so the stereo field isn't represented. My personal preference is the 'XY' configuration. When I'm recording a larger ensemble, I use a slightly different configuration based on XY. Look it up.

Zoofie, set up a separate thread rather than three or four you've got going right now.


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Far and away, the best solution I've encountered is Recorderman. It takes only slightly more time to set up than a X/Y overhead, but provides a spectacular image of the kit, if the performer does his job...

The only reason I use close mics is for effects sends, and to bring up the kick, everything else does fine in the OH.