Portishead - Live at Roseland


The most tasteful and inspiring thing I've seen in my almost 20 years on the throne. Not new to me by any means but hitting me straight in the feels at this exact moment. Turn this on, turn out your lights, and take a ride on your couch with me and this amazing underrated group of musicians (including full strings). Clive Deamer on the seat.

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That album Dummy easily makes my 90s all-decade list. So creative, so inspired. A perfect album. Love, love, love Portishead.
I can't even begin to get into every aspect of it because we will be here for years but I have to comment on this: He plays so soft. His drums are tuned high and wide open as if he was about to rip Coltrane but that deep throaty punch comes from his touch and his communication with his sound guy... Those are such important qualities of a versatile drummer that you just rarely see anymore.

The things I would do to that single head bass drum with the flat ride side kit he uses for a few tunes in that video...


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Yeah, it's an incredible concert.
The buzz roll in the groove of Mysterons is sublime (35:13) - Clive played with Roni Size Reprazent and has dep'd with Radiohead too.

Such feel.