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So I am making a jazz-type 4 piece kit- converting 16x14 floor into a kick. Will there be enough of a difference in pitch between my 12x9 rack and 13x10 to use the latter as a hanging floor tom? Do you think this would sound good, or do I need a 10 inch tom instead of the 12? All of the kits I see seem to have at least 2 inch interval between rack and floor tom.


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You're right, two inches is more common, but you could do anything you need to with tuning. I'd say go for it. It sounds like at least trying it out wouldn't cost anything, since you have all the pieces.

I sometimes convert my kit to a four-piece and I pitch the 8 and 14 and use the 10 for a rack and the 12 for a floor tom.


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All my toms are square sizes and they're 8, 10, 12 and 14. Deeper toms will sound a little lower than shallow toms, but head thickness, tuning and diameter have a much greater impact on how low the tom sounds. Try messing with the tuning first and see if you can get the separation you want.


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As Deathmetalconga said, there are a ton of factors that can influence if it will work or not, but it certainly may be possible.

It's a little easier since they are bigger drums, but on my four piece Mapex Pro M, I have a 13" rack tom and a 14" hanging floor tom. I crank the 13" and leave the 14" low, and there is quite a good bit of seperation.

Li Youwei

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That's almost my exact setup except the toms are 8X12" and 11X13". Plenty of separation but the drums are from different series with different heads - fiberskyn on 12", clear CS dot on 13" - not my favourite but it was lying around and it works.