Portability Design Project


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Hi guys,

I've got a design project for this year entitled "Improving the transportation and set up of the drum kit" and am looking for particular problems you have whilst transporting and setting up your gear! I made my project proposal broad so that I could keep my options open, but I am writing my brief this week which states what it is I am aiming to design and would just like to see if there are any significant areas I have missed or not experienced, such as problems whilst gigging.

Any ideas would be most welcome, cheers!


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Weight and the amount of gear you have to take with you. The number of trips it takes to get from the car or van to the stage, the amount of time to setup.


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Check out this thread:

Scroll down a bit and you will see a drum riser where the underside is used to store all the hardware needed for the drum kit. Pretty neat idea if you ask me, and it may be heavy but you would only need one trip to move all that gear.

It would be difficult for you to change the materials/design of the drums and gear in order to make them easier to transport, so I think you should look at methods of transporting them. A simple thing such as having tape marked out on a drum mat to show where all the stands go can save you 5-10 minutes of adjustments.