Pork Pie Vintage Mahogany


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Thanks, Bill. Now I need new underwear!

Seriously going to have to contact you about a kit very soon. Not sure I can cope without Pork Pie in my life for much longer....
Im actually heartbroken with envy. I love Porkpie. When I bought my Catalina club mod kit, I saw a pork pie 4pc at guitar center for like $500 more. This was back when I was single, living in my parents house with virtually no bills to pay, and getting a good bit of overtime at work. I shouldve gone for it...


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I'd love to sit behind that set for 30 minutes: I've been wanting to hear some Mahogany drums for quite a while now............should be deep & warm.

So answer the questions :
Production ?


"Uncle Larry"
Great drums. Not to neg the thread, but isn't mahogany endangered? I thought I understood that it was, but I could be mistaken. That's obviously the real deal, not the Philippine stuff.


So you do wood kits? Awesome. You have entered my short list when I get ready to buy new drums. Do you have any wood grain fade finishes?