Pork Pie steambent Walnut


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Nice! Open, lively, & articulate, just as you'd expect a good steam bent shell to be. What rerings did you use? Walnut? We find western walnut rerings need to be a bit thicker/deeper than most other species, as it's pretty soft stuff.

pork pie

I always use maple re rings. That way you can use a shell that is softer like you said about the walnut, but keep it rigid and round and bring the note of the shell up up a bit.


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Nice work, Bill. Sounds great. Reminds me of how lively and crisp my 7x14 Pork Pie "Porcaro Blue" snare sounds, which you all built for me a couple of years ago. Very articulate and resonant at the same time.


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Nice- how thick is that shell?

Even without the cans I can hear the ring- get rid of that moongel!