pork pie snares


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Both snares are decent.

The 13 x 7 is going to sound a bit drier because of the number of vents. A little higher in pitch than a 14 inch drum. I have a 13 x 7, not a Little Squealer, and I really like the poppier slightly funkier nature of the drum.

I own the PP Brass 14 x 6½ and is very black beauty like in its sound. Warm with some ring, good body.

Both drums would be great for almost all styles.


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If you're trying to decide between the two, then go with the brass. It will give you a more full body rock sound and can handle lower and higher tunings better than the smaller diameter 13.

Cross sticking will be a little easier and it's a classier looking drum.


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+1 on the brass snare. I have the Pearl version (sonically indistinguishable from the PP BOB) and it's a smokin' snare. Can't go wrong with the brass and the price is right!


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Specifically which snare MikeM?
It's the Pearl Sensitone Elite Brass in 6.5x14. It's a beaded, black nickel over brass shell (which has a seam). Comes standard with 2.3mm hoops and Pearl's Ultra-Sound snare wires. Mine was $230 new.


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I sat in on a buddies kit a couple of weeks ago. 80's Gretsch with a PorkPie BBB snare. Sounded and played great. Everything a great Ludwig is and more, without the price. He had it tuned fairly high and the snares tight, but it still had great response on ghost notes. Rimshots to die for. I've heard him play this drum in places where he could really wack it and it kept on giving.


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I've got the 12x5 lil squealer, off topic I know, but I really think it should be considered since it's so versatile.

This thing is awesome, it has a ton of ranges. Right now I have the heads and snares cranked so tight theres not even a ring on it, it sounds just like a drumline snare and I use it as a side snare in hip hop, and as a main snare in jungle/dnb and its great for blast beating too.

You can keep the head to a mid level tuning with the snares loose, and it has a great ring to it, and you can fit it in well with the jazz stuff too.

It's kinda weak with the snares off unless you have it at a mid tuning.

I used to use this thing as my main snare but replaced it with the mike portnoy 12x5 steel side snare. I still use the squealer with my blastbeat driven projects though.

oh and the price is amazing for it.


hi, can you tell me anything about these to snare drums? like what sound they and what genre either are good for?

pork pie vented little squealer snare 13x7


pork pie big black brass snare 14x6.5
...don't know about the 'lil squaler snare drum, but my son has a 6.5" deep BBB and is a very good sounding drum...an excellent performer. In fact, it is a poor man's answer to the venerable--and immensely more costly--"Black Beauty" made by Ludwig. Pork Pie's a highly underrated drum maker imho...