Pork Pie Hickory Brass Shell snare drum.


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Now that's different, & very cool. It comes across as quite dry, but in a good way, because unlike most dry snares, it's also got some tone behind it. I applaud the untreated recording too, but I have to ask, how was it mic'd?


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Great sounding snare drum !!

Is putting metal between two pieces of wood for a drum shell a new idea?
I think it is, at least in the "metal as a ply" idea. This is a really cool-sounding drum. Very dry with plenty of meat to the snare sound. Wonderful!


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I really liked the high tuning. I think the lower tuning left a little something to be desired. I have heard that the innermost ply is the most important in drum sound. Maybe the brass dries the sound up a bit, but it sounds like a wood snare to my ears.