Pork Pie Copper Patina

cold fusion

hello all,

took a leap of faith, shot in the dark whatever you call it and
bought a pork pie copper patina snare 6.5x14 for a great discount.
that being said I have no idea how it sounds, does anyone own it, played
it? I just need some input sound wise (drum will arrive next week)

thanks much,


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I have the 7x13 brass version, but copper is generally a darker and warmer sounding metal, meanwhile my brass is a little louder and more aggressive.
Still a wonderful choice though, the patina finish is definitely the highlight of both our drums!

cold fusion

I've never played one of these. They sure are a cheaper option than the Ludwig Raw Copper Phonic.
it sure is and the drum's suppose to arrive sometime this week or next(weather delays) might buy some COB hoops, do the A&F experiment(copper shell +brass hoops) and see/hear what happens.

If these don't work out I'll return it and get a Gretsch black copper snare and will have to wait...out of stock.


cold fusion

Drum arrived yesterday put on the stand. sensitive, complex and dark being copper, controlled not boingy overtones, capable of being loud and sits great in low-medium tuning, high tuning is good and to my surprise didn’t choke

Still might get brass hoops for sh!tes and giggles or for experiment sake and see what happens.



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