Pork Pie bop kit


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Very nice, Bill. The tom and floor sound quite, quite nice--very open and airy, good bebop sound.

How do the Pork Pie lugs hold up under the high tension of bebop tunings? The standard PP lugs are hollow, right? I've heard that solid aluminum or brass lugs usually do a better job of holding drums in tune under harder hitting or higher tunings. (On that note, do you offer solid brass tube lugs to be used on toms and floors like you do for snares?)

Do you have photos of this kit?

By the way, Happy Birthday!

pork pie

My lugs hold up fine at high tunings. I have been making kits for jazz players for years and never had a problem. The inserst in my lugs, the piece you thread the t-rod into are solid brass. That is why they are smooth to tune.