Poppy Snares


Hey. I really like the kind of really poppy snare sound you occasionally hear; but I've experimented quite a bit with my snare (Mapex Black Panther Limited edition maple [14x5.5 I think]) to try and get that kind of sound but just can't figure it out.

So basicly I'm wondering if you can achieve this sound through certain tuning; or would you need a more specific drum?


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwPdWnktVqY - that video has the kind of sound I mean if it's any help :)


"Uncle Larry"
That sound sounds a bit processed in all fairness. It's like an regular woman comparing herself to an airbrushed centerfold.
I like a poppy snare too, that one does have a good sound, but it sounds enhanced.
Getting a poppy sound is easy I think, you just crank both heads tight. If it's not poppy sounding, it's not tight enough.


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It may be a piccolo snare. My piccolo is 14 x 4 and when it is cranked it sounds like a firecracker.

Kenny Allyn

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Normally I like a deep thumpy snare with more crack/quack than ring/ping ...

When I aquired my Hip Gig kit it came with a 12" snare, but it saw little use, and it's place was taken over with an old 60s Supraphonic tuned low with a 42 strand snare ...

One day recently I was over at Memphis Drum Shop (gotta learn to stay out of that place) and heard a 10" very poppy snare that sounded great! So I dug out the old Yama 12 and set about making it sound good to my ears. It had a new Remo Emperor coated head, so I proceeded to "crank it up" ... not bad; but way too much ring. So down to the Home Depot I went and picked up some of those felt circles with the sticky backs used to keep furniture from marring floors. I set several on top of the head until I had the right balance between crack and ping and then took the head off and used the sticky to attach them under the head (it took two). Now the little bugger sounds great, crisp and poppy, and it's blending well with my new cymbal buys (old Paiste 404s, 505s, and 2002s) ... most of the brain trust I talk to agree that piccolos and smaller diameter snares work really well for that "poppy" sound.

And it is LOUD ...

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