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That’s it Polly you’ve done it, 10 000 posts, you’ll get that “new life” as from now on, enjoy it, and may the new one be as good as the last one, and we all look forward for your next 10 000 posts, so you’ll be granted another lifespan when you reach the 20 000 posts mark, and then, just carry on, you’ll end up as a Highlander, you’ll see…

This is a (very) little retrospective of your contribution, with your witty humour, drumming, non-drumming topics, gentleness, passion, love, skills, meaningful comments, jokes and much, much more from the last 10 000 posts within this very forum… You could easily have your own fan club here, that’s for sure…

Let sart the celebration with an appropriate song from one of your favourite artist (ha!)


Perfect way to start! LOL

For this special occasion, and since this thread is about you Polly, I’ll let you introduce it to the forum members ;-)

I guess it's a "reward" for my posting profligacy and being the longest-standing woman on the board

I sacrificed my life to have this many posts!

Yes, at least, a good portion of it Grea, It took me some good reading for the last few months across these posts of yours, and I enjoyed most of them, at the expense of my drumming practice, though… but it’s worth my time, you’re such a popular member within this forum, and you have displayed such good thoughts, caring, good tastes (and bad taste), deep & profound comments and …err, not so deep comments punctuated with nice and funny trademark’s cartoons, teasing and amusing so many of us, you’re indeed the “God's Own Thumptress” from Oz, we luv’ya Polly ;-))

Heh, you're probably right, MAD.

LOL, I probably am that old :)

So Polly, let us know a few facts about you before we enter this world of yours ;-)

How did you start drumming? - I was very keen on music and wanted to be part of it. Drums seemed to be easier and looked like more fun than other instruments

What was your first drumkit? - 1976 Aria brown sparkle Frankenstein - still use the snare drum, a rare Drouyn

What was the first song you learned as a drummer? - Smoke on the Water. At the time I think that was the first song for many a "musician" :)

When was your first gig? - My first gig was a party at age 16.

What’s your drum configuration? - I love the really old drum configs - like Chick Webb's set:

Chick Webb's set, really? - No idea why, but I far prefer the look of vintage gear.

What brand of kit do you play? - It used to be Rogers - because it was a choice between Ludwig and Rogers back then and everyone I knew was playing Ludwigs.

And your current brand? - Now it's Pearl - a Rhythm Traveler (with a vintage Drouyn snare). There's only one reason for having a RT :)

What do you do asides drumming? - Currently an HR data analyst/statistician. Previous job I was designer/illustrator and database administrator (small place, broad roles). Before that legal secretary/paralegal. Basically a Jill of all trades and master of none.

I'm also a cartoonist :)

Yep, and a very talented cartoonist indeed, I love my avatar and I’m honoured to have been Pollyannised by your good self Grea ;-)

Ah Henri, you old smoothie, you :)

What’s your favourite take away food? Indian - navrattan korma

I am Sure that I do not Understand this Thread ... at All ...

You’ll see, let start the celebration of your imput so dear to all of us on this forum, it will make it all clear what this epic thread is about, should we?

Yes, I'm a bit confused as to what your comment means in the context of this thread :)

Better turn off the PC for now - there's a huge electrical storm going on!

Haha, nice try Polly, but I’m afraid you’ll have to face the music …

… and the members of the DW forum ;-)

Thanks to all of you DrummerFriends, I really appreciated your support ;)

From Bernhard :

Pollyanna: Congratulations for your reaching the 10000 post mark. I'm so happy to have you on board. Hopefully you find time to do also other things, like drumming……i always enjoy your posts very much - keep going my girl!!!

From Bermuda :

The question is often asked "What do I get after I hit 10,000 posts?" And of course the answer is "a life."

But seriously, as one of maybe just a few members here who've met and dined with you, thank you for your thoughtful, sometimes insightful, usually amusing posts, and disturbing cockroach avatar! Congratulations on joining the 10,000+ club, whose very exclusive membership has now doubled to two!

With much love,



Polly, congrats on reaching the 10,000 post mark on Drummerworld. I know I will be only one of the many to thank you for your input, knowledge, concern and humor into out little community. As a 10,000 post contributor like myself, not only congrats go out, but also sympathy in not having a life. When I see your avatar, with your big smile, I can tell that that is the real you. Your continued contributions are more than welcomed, but needed. Keep up the good work, and let it be known that I have proclaimed this as "Polly 10,000 Day"

From aydee :

The P – WORD

Pollyanna is a very pleasing person, and it’s hard to imagine the plight of this forum without her.
She pollinates almost every thread like a proactive polygamist, with her own inimitable poly rhythmic style which leaves us all always pleading for more.
Either placating ruffled feathers or politely policing polemical trolls, she’s always very politically correct even while balancing polar opposite perspectives with consummate ease.
Pollyanna is the internet princess of a planet full of pretender polyps.
The genuine article. She’s all –woman and there’s nothing polythene or polyester about her. Her command of language is something she has inherited from her mother and she can dance a polka around you while you’re still plodding on about what to say.
Often, when a thread gets polluted, she re-propels it with positive energy.
And oh, man, can she play!
Though she now likes to play simply and softly, there’s nothing placid about her beat placements. Her groove still prods my pulmonaries nicely.
Plainly put, 10,000 posts is plenty, but somehow in a way, it also not enough.
To have Pollyanna in our online lives is to experience, humor, decency, humanity and humility every time she posts.
Lord knows, we don’t get enough of that even in the real world.
I do hereby, plonk a big fat, virtual wet one on her virtual cheek.

The forum salutes you on your 10000th post, Polly. Enjoy it.

From mediocrefunkybeat :

Dear Pollyanna/Grea,

Despite your occasional forays into what I would define as bad taste you contribute to this forum like no other. Scrolling through the posts, I look out for your name and if you have replied I almost instantly click to see what pearls of wisdom (or otherwise) you have bestowed upon us.

Needless to say you are an individual of distinction and humility. A rare combination and one that many of us could learn from. I wish you another ten thousand posts on this forum and hopefully you feel that you can continue to consistently contribute your own spirit to this forum.


From larryace :

Dear Grea,

With the occasion of your 10,000 post I’d like to take this opportunity to once again tell you how much I love you. After Henri started this whole thing, (great idea dog) I started thinking about ALL the wonderful, funny, insightful, sober, quirky, unexpected, and purely Polly things you’ve written over the years. I also realized that I kind of take you for granted, like you’ll always be here, kinda like Mum. I will try and correct that in the future.
The truth is that you’ve elevated this entire forum with your wit and energy. Please don’t ever leave for too long, because you are one of the consistent forces here that I count on as my team of advisors. It’s funny how a person can become attached to words on a screen but you can consider me attached to yours…
If I could kiss you 10,000 times I would. Anywhere you wanted lol.
So congratulations babe, you officially have no life lol.

From keep it simple :

I’ve seen every kind of character in both my music & business dealings over the years, from acutely pompus to utterly deluded, naive to arrogant, & everything in between. This ditty occupied the cafe wall at Abbey Road for many years, and aptly describes at least half the “muso” population on the treadmill “Those that think they know everything, are especially annoying to those of us that actually do”. I’m sighting this, because you Grea, actually do have an expansive knowledge of all things useful & useless, yet meander through the forum with an air of humility & understatement. Yes, I love your anecdotal quips, and your charming insight, but it’s your lack of arrogance, combined with being totally happy in your playing shell that I like the most.

Your contribution to this place is precious beyond the confines of bin bashing, & long may you be a social life saddo and choose to share your time with us :)

Fondest regards, Andy.

From mattsmith :


Congrats on post 10,000. Over the past 3 years our relationship has matured like a fine piece of aged veal. We used to hurl pitch forks and block each other, followed by polite ignoring, followed by amiable tolerance, followed by mutual respect and friendliness. So I suppose had you limited your posting to a mere excessive 5,000, we would still be on polite ignoring.

Enjoy this day (I think)


From Midnite Zephyr :

Pollyanna, Wow! 10,000 posts in this forum. You must be really dedicated to a lifestyle of drumming to have that much to say about it. Your perspective is an integral part of what makes this forum interesting and worth coming back to. I hope to see your sound advice and perspective on many threads to come. Congratulations and here's looking forward to the next 10,000. Cheers!

From eddiehimself :

Tell her happy 10^4 posts on DW from EH.

From Davo-London :

Polly: God was feeling very pleased when he created you: never has then been such a wise drummer who is balanced and considerate and who looks for the best in others. You are a model forum member. I salute you ... Davo

From aaajn :

Dear Polly,

Congratulations on post 10,000, they say 10,000 is the magic number to be the master of a skill, 10,000 hours, concerts, posts..... You have arrive at the expert level.

Now of course; you are who I aspire to be.

Except still being a Yank and all whose toilet bowl water swishes the wrong way when I flush will be hard to fix, but we are not so different.....95,000 left to emulate.

Thanks for being positive and helpful.

aaajn (John)

From Drum Mum :

"Congratulations on your 10,000th! I've enjoyed and learned a lot from your posts. You have a very unique and down-to-earth take on many things. May you post thousands more!"

From caddywumpus :

Congratulations, Polly, on reaching the 10,000 post mark, previously only obtained by our good Mayor! I look forward to the day when you overthrow his political position and bring forth the new era of Drummerworld: Matriarchal Edition™. Thank you for spending countless hours of your life in order to make Drummerworld a better place! We appreciate the blood, sweat, tears, sacrifice, and stress. Oh, and the comments, too. Here's to another 10,000! –Caddywumpus

From uniongoon :

Congrats on time well wasted Polly, if only you spent as much time practicing as you did posting......

From alparrott :

Here's to the First Lady (or is that First Sheila?) of Drummerworld. Classy, funny, wise beyond words, and just here to have a good time. Definitely qualities we could all try to cultivate in ourselves. Here's to 10,000 more!

From Naigewron :

Congrats Polly, I hereby award you Drummerworld's highest honour: The... erm... *looks around the room*... *THE COFFEE MUG OF AWESOMENESS* - ESS - ess - ess!

Yes, its roundness signifies your... erm... neverending supply of... erm... posts. And the handle is a symbol (no, that's not a misspelling of cymbal) of your firm grip of everything relating to drum discussions. Yeah! And the stale coffee leftovers signify, er... how you always seem to have... erm... more to, er, give...?

Alright, you got me. I didn't get you a present. But hey, many congrats on hitting the big 1-quadruple-oh, and here's to the next 10,000 (which by my estimates should come around in about three months or so).

*raises *COFFEE MUG OF AWESOMENESS* in the air*

Eskil out!

From BillBachman :

"Congrats on you post #10,000 Polly! You may now seek professional help for your drum addiction. :)"

From haredrums :


I just wanted to say that getting to read your insightful commentary, filled with humor and mature perspective on just about everything drum/non-drum related is one of my favorite parts of participating in this forum. Thank you so much for your conversation and support, I really appreciate it, and I know everyone else on here does as well.



well done polly. you make this place more than most. is it polly or should it be poly - the prefix for many. keep up the drumming love. nutha!

From drumkat :

Pollyanna....my little cyberspace entity. It has been a real joy to have been conversing with you. You are like my fave pair of jeans...a little bit tattered, bedraggled and torn, but oh SOOO comfy. May you bring us another 10,000 posts on DF. You make me wanna walk down the aisle again......drumkat.

From brentcn :

Hey Pol, congratulations! Here's to 10,000 more! You're a ray of sunshine around here!

From kettles :

"Typing out 10,000 messages consisting of 20+ characters is one heck of an achievement, you may well be the most dedicated female member of a drumming forum in the whole world. Well done!"

From The Scorpio :

Congratulations Polly!!!! It's always nice to see your posts, because I know that it will be intelligent, funny, and never condescending or demeaning. Please keep posting more video's of your playing, and keep those wonderful threads and posts coming!!


From Gvdadrummasum :

miss Polly queen of the DW forum

I just wanted to take a second to congratulate you on your 10 000th post , everyone of them insightful, fair, and humble

we are all lucky to have you around and look forward to 10 000 more

so until we meet again while we are double drumming behind Steely Dan, happy drumming and blessings

all the best

Anthony (Gvdadrummasum)

From harryconway :

Polly - 10,000 posts, wow ! That's a lot. I can't even count that high. Even with my socks off. And so, for this "special occasion, I have had two total hip replacement surgeries. Why? So I can don my old HS cheerleader uniform ( I still have the legs for the skirt, but I've kinda let my torso go, a bit.) and jump up-and-down, yelling "Polly, Polly - sis-boom-bah ! Polly, Polly - Rah-Rah-Rah !!!!" Not a pretty sight, but I make up for my lack of beauty with enthusiasm .....
Sorry, I couldn't find my pom-poms, so I had to use cymbal bags.

From unfunkyfooted :

Polly is the best thing that ever happened to Drummerworld. Her Wit, Warmth, Thoughtfulness, Awesomely Correct Perspective Of All Things Human, Humane and Drummerly make her the most awesome person to ever walk the planet.

on top of that she has the most awesome pocket God ever invented. she is the namesake of the term Polisimo: meaning Pocket For Real.

Did i mention that she's awesome ?


From Ami :

Polly, Many congratulations on your many posts, and thanks for helping make this the best drum forum!!
Keep drumming!
Ami :)

From MikeM :

Polly - Congratulations on your achievement! :D

Seriously, I'm glad you're such a prolific poster. I always enjoy your thoughtful analysis and sharp wit, so here's hoping for another 10,000!

From con struct :

Your mixture of drum-related exuberance and down-to-earth common sense is a winning combo, Polly, and has been since you arrived here at Drummerworld.

Right from the beginning yours was a refreshing attitude, confident, funny and oozing personality. Whatever a thread is about, I tend to always read your posts because you seem to always get the tone just right, never aggressive, always witty and friendly.

You're a gas, Polly. Please keep providing us with your shining example, and say hello to your cockroach for me.


From Netz Ausg :

"Congratulation Pol - hell of a mile stone! You're one of the most constructive and regular posters around here and definitely make this a better place for it. I hope you continue to post until you hit the next 10k - by then you'll be like the forum 'shaman' and pass down your blessing on new posters :p

Keep it up!"

From resohead :

Grea is one one the first people I pm'd with on DW and again Grea, I know my sexual innuendos were uncalled for and once again, sorry about the trapeze artist comment. : )

But her avatar shows that she has great flexibility, for drumming.

I love reading Grea's reviews because, half the time, I have no idea what she's talking about. Besides, what's haircut thing all about. I must study.

I think Grea is one of the most respected members here. Her playing and her uncanny ability to critique fellow drummers is always a lot of fun

I wish we had more women here but Grea and charming MaryO, things could be much worse.

From dmacc :


Congratulations on your 10K post!

My short time here has definitely been enhanced by your input. We seem to share some of the same philosophies which helps as well.

You tell it the way you see it and that’s what I like so much about your contributions.

Congrats and here’s at looking towards 20000 posts.

From Ian Williams - The Gentleman :

My Dear Grea,

First off – I trust you are keeping well mate!

In reaching the 10,000 posts milestone…You are like the speed of sound! 
The key point about your posts is the honesty, sincerity and true message set in place with passion in a down-to-earth way. Keep the “hot spice” on the Drummerworld.



From diegobxr :

Allmighty Pollyanna, Drummerworld Goddess,

Congrats on your 10.000 post count!!!! :)

Keep being the way you are! This world really needs more cool, fun, creative, peaceful, kind, down-to-earth people like you!!! :)

I'll be celebrating with a cold beer in your name! Hehe.
Take care!!! Cheers! :)


From MaryO :


Thomas Edison once said, *"I have not failed. *I have just found 10,000 ways that won't work.". *You're 10,000 posts have taught us all many things that DO work :). * Congrats on your perseverance and thanks for all of your wisdom! * *Happy 10,000th post! *Here's to 10,000 more.


From Thaard :

Thanks Grea for all the years viewing my videos and giving me feedback so I could constantly improve myself. I wouldn't be where I am today, without it/you. I Hope you continue to thrawl through this forum and post, in many years to come.


From 8Mile :

Congratulations, Polly! 10,000 posts, and not a single one that could be considered crap or filler. Of course, the 20 character per-post minimum probably helped in that regard.

Anyway, props to one of my favorite Drummerworld contributors. My prog-rock drumming hero is still better than yours, but when it comes to this forum, you're tops. Looking forward to the next 10,000!


From Coldhardsteel :

Hey Polly, congrats on the 10 grand!

Whatever funky title you get for the achievement, you'll always be a voice of reason and intelligent opinion. Thanks for all the commentary and time you've given, and here's to 20,000!

From Arky :

Polly, congratulations to hitting (and passing) the 10.000 posts mark!! I feel it’s not that easy to find the proper words of appreciation.

At the time I joined Drummerworld you had about 6.700 posts. I noticed some members had a huge amount of posts but only a few had several thousands. My initial thought was: That’s crazy! How can people gather such an amount of posts, they have to sit at the PC all the time! (Some probably do...)

It didn’t take long until I learned _why_ you’re so much appreciated on the forum. Due to your vast active and passive experience with and knowledge of music you have a lot to share and contribute and are constantly enriching this forum. But this is just the beginning... Often times you’re helping to balance out things if a discussion needs it, bring in tons of humour and an omnipresent wittiness.

You’re a woman of many talents. It was most impressive to learn where many members got their cool avatars from, haha. Every one of them is a masterpiece!

Please stay with us, and stay who you are ;-)

From TTNW :

Hi Polly,

Congrats on the 5 digit post count. With loose math, it's like 80-100 posts a day. Very impressive.

Perhaps GD our Mayor will give you a key to the city.

I enjoy reading your threads and posts and wish you all the best.


From Bo Eder :


Congratulations on the milestone! You've been a part of this community for so long, I can't wait to get where you are. Sad, isn't it?



From Deathmetalconga :

"Happy 10,000th! At the rate you yak, you will reach 20,000 within the next six months! Seriously, though, Bernhard should send you a free T-shirt or something."

From jon e rotten :

Hi Pol, congrats on 10,000 posts. Have you ever seen a Great White Shark? I hear they're everywhere down there.

And what's up with that Paul Hogan guy anyway?

From tamadrm :

Polly...Did you think the day you first posted here,that you would ever reach 10,000.Quite a milestone.

Yours are some of the funniest,accurate,insightful,and interesting posts/threads I have ever read.Either on a drum forum.or anywhere else.

This place is much better because of your presence,and sense of humor,toungue in cheek,and dry enough to linger for days on its own.

Congrats,from this yank.Cheers mate.:)

Steve B

From Pocket-full-of-gold :

10,000 Posts!!!

Good Golly Miss Polly.....you sure like to talk!!

I've always said it Pol, you could talk underwater with a mouth full of marbles. Your gift of the gab is truely unsurpassed. 10,000 posts of "Polly-isms" is living proof.

Congratulations on reaching this auspicious milestone. You're in very select company. Looking forward to the next 10,000!

From bonzolead :

Hey great post Polly...congrats on the 10,000 post..bernard should give you something for it..lol..i've got about 8,000 more to go..;-)


From Dr_Watso :


Assuming around a minute per post, you've officially spent around 166 hours solidly posting.

Good news is, I'm sure we're all quite enriched as a result.

Carry on!

From KarlCrafton :

Congratulations Polly on hitting 10,000 posts!
Here's to many more fun and insightful threads, and postings to come!

From zambizzi :

"Pol, I may not know you as well as other members here but it definitely would not be DW without you around. We've had some great discussions and I always look forward to your thoughts...witty, insightful, and always helpful and considerate. Cheers to racking up the high score! The amount of knowledge you've compiled here on the forums is amazing. Here's to another 10,000!"

From LukeSnyder :

Our dearest Polly,

Wow, 10,000 posts. That is magnificent. And of course, my first instinct is to crunch some numbers and make a few guesses.

Looking at your last 10 posts, I got an average post length of 49.2 words, which we'll just round to 50. Of course, that is a tiny sample set, but since this entire process is completely meaningless, it will suffice for our purposes! Now, I don't really know how fast you type, but the average typing speed is around 33 wpm, so we'll just use that. This gives us an average of roughly 1.5 minutes per post. If you factor in an equal amount of time spent thinking, proofreading, and editing the post, that pulls us up to 3 minutes per post.

Now, 3 minutes per post for 10,000 posts gives us a total of 500 hours. However, that completely ignores the time spent reading other people's posts, and just browsing around. If I had to guess, I spend more time on Drummerworld just reading by a factor of 6 than posting. Since everyone is exactly like me, we'll just use that conversion rate, and it yields roughly 3000 hours spent on the site.

After this massively objective process, we can deduce that you have spent around 125 days here on Drummerworld, and in a time period of roughly 3.5 years. In 3.5 years, there are roughly 1,200 days. 125 days out of 1200 is roughly 10.4%, and we have to remember that you sleep for approximately 1/3 of each day, which leaves us with 125/1200=15.6%

That's right, you may have spent as much as 15% of your waking time on the Drummerworld forum in the past 3.5 years. I don't know why you would care about such a number, but there it is. Happy posting, Polly, we're all glad to have you around, and here's to 10,000 more!

-Luke Snyder

Pollyanna’s quotes

While these (your) quotes are out of their original context within a post or a discussion on a given topic, they brought a smile to my face, enjoy the reading ;-))

You guys could always take The Polly Scattergun Approach, where I post so much that at some stage someone's gunna respond!

"Let the singer and the guitarists reach for the stars, the drummer brings that primal force - the beat"

We all have bad tom days at times - it can happen to the best of us (without MemoryLock)

Every confidence issue I ever have is when my head goes too far up my own bum. It's dark, pungent and contricted - which makes it a lousy environment for playing music.

If you're not the creme de la creme then hardly anyone (sometimes no one) gives a damn - apart from people who like you.

Actually, I find his macho comedy acrobat show pretty hot in an idiot Neanderthal kinda way

One thing that kills me is when I get the drums more or less in tune with each other then we play a song and I hit the 12" and it's out with the bass.

At work I have a rep for being politically incorrect, but there's a big difference between calling a spade a spade and calling it a &^%$% piece of $#!% shovel.

I definitely acknowledge the smilers, though. I have old school manners and never, ever wittingly snub anyone. But I definitely prefer it when an audience member comes up to chat rather than just smile, and I prefer observations to compliments by a mile.

Guess it's obligatory to sample "the local cuisine". Looking forward to seeing clips of you gigging wearing a ten gallon hat :)

So how do you develop mental constancy? My focus was always tended to drift in and out. It's almost like guru on a mountaintop territory here ... I tried meditation in my 20s and I just got fidgety.

I found 3 minutes to be an interminable period when Rebecca Black and her ilk comes on the radio ...

My voice is something I only inflict on people when I'm feeling especially annoying or delusional ...

I'm a pretty slow thinker ... it takes me time to process what's being said. I express myself much better in print because I have time to get my thoughts in place.

If you have a big nose or ears or chin - they will be ginormous. If you have little squinty eyes, they will be noticeably littler and squintier. If you have crazy hair you will have a fuzzball on your head. If your hair is scraggy and looks like pubic hair ... beware :)

Nah - I'm like this 24/7/365 :)

Ha! Scottish is barely even English! IMO it's just a bloody load of incomprehensible garble *grin* ... case in point ...

It seems that you're advising that I should take an approach that I'm already taking ...?

I think faith is a fantastic thing for a musician to have. Not necessarily religious faith, but faith itself. I've long thought I could do with some! :)

Most days I learn something from this forum and today is no exception. But if I want a pizza, then I'll buy one.

Sorry, just some rambling insomniac thought bubbles ... carry on :)

It's traditional on this forum to post the Bob Gatzen clip whenever anyone asks about controlling snare buzz.

Ouch! I'm as thick as pig$h1t at times!

Sometimes I overplay. Sometimes I underplay. Sometimes I get it about right.

Funny thing ... only today I was thinking deeply about gaskets ... and sprockets, hinge joints, doodads, thingummibobs, you name it ... man, I think about that stuff all the time.
And today I learned what a gasket is and that the physics says my ignorance made no difference :)

the vamps are all wrestling with the complexity of living forever (as long as they avoid the sun and fire) in different ways, trying to find a way for it to be meaningful and to reconcile themselves with the nightly murder they commit to stay alive ...

Yeah Excel tells me it's fifty

lol - sure! Can you get a mouse to roar? Can you sink the QEII with an ice cube? Can you crack open a coconut with a pair of scissors? If so, you'll get your band rocking with my RT :)

The whole postmodern thing gets a kicking on this forum at times but that's part of the beauty of art for me - it is whatever you think it is.

There's a million ways of enjoying drumming - multiple kits, multiple kicks, no kicks, ekits, akits, tom angles, crash angles, percussions, felts, no felts, high end, low end, old heads, new heads, thick sticks, thin sticks, dry, bright, dark, wet, boom, thud, flashy, sloppy, gearhead, jazz head, metalhead, proghead, punk, rocker, country twanger, goofy, genius, loose, precise, quantised, slick, gentle, maniacal, grooving, textural ...

It's brain-bending, isn't it? The universe is expanding and, as it expands, it creates time and space where there was none. #3 is what was around before the big bang. Imagine the state right on the edge of the universe as it's pushing outwards ...

Thinking about chicken an eggs

Mostly tight, middle aged female drummer with no chops, a Rhythm Traveller kit and a nice feel is looking to join either a Tool, Meshuggah or Opeth tribute band. No time wasters or granny chasers.

No matter what taste you have, musicality, understanding of forms and vibe, no matter how many credible people dig your playing ... if you can't do the fancy stuff there's a little voice that tells you that you're an inferior player to those who can ... and there are squillions of them out there.

How about this for a confession? I really enjoy Wham!'s Careless Whisper *gasp*

To anyone reading this post ... I suggest you try listening to Vegas's band's version of La Grange with headphones on after a little smoke ... that was surreal :)

If someone's approaching me at a gig I'm usually hoping it will be a muso, a single man or someone who's extra funny. Preferably all three in one. It seems there's always at least one drummer in every audience. As someone said, drummers are chatty and often come and say hi and talk shop a bit.

OMG, I'm going to crawl back under my rock ... shouldn't post anything when I have insomnia :)

I'm sure we did have school orchestras but I was too busy rebelling to pay attention, so I missed out.

You try and tell the young people today that, and they won't believe you

... too tired to keep typing (work was evil today) ... will return whennnnn .... zzzz

Polly’s view and choice on drum gear

I'm as un-gearhead as you get but those snare pics could start corrupting me to drum porn.

I've never liked thrones with threaded shafts. The ones I've sat on always seemed to end wobbling and hurting my back.

Never played a double pedal but I have no regrets about the Trick single pedal I bought this year. It's so adjustable that it's way more comfortable to play than previous pedals I've owned.

It's a challenge finding sissy single braced girly stuff in shops chockas with sleek, muscular hardware designed to handle anything Aaron Spears and his ilk dishes out.

Messing with the coating / chemical structure of the cymbal's surface is for braver souls than me.

A dumber question again ... I've used chains & strap drives but what exactly IS a direct drive pedal?

There are also square drums - they look like the setup might take a while ...

Gear Pollyvalence

You could fit enough sandwiches in that kick drum to feed band, bar staff and audience

My bass drum is useful for holding dirty laundry - two blankets, a towel, bed linen, a doona, four tops, two pairs of jeans, six pairs of knickers, three bras and seven socks (not sure where the other sock is). Not bad for a 16"!


Today I collected the rosin from the post office and prepped the violin bow. I had a brief chance to try out bowing a cymbal earlier this evening. I found the easiest way to get a sound bowing upwards at a steep angle.

Not sure if anyone's interested but I've put together a simple 2 min ambient piece based on a bowed 19" Sabian HH, an odd time loop and some samples from an ambient thing I did in the 80s, plus a few effects.

I'm surprised at how much white dust the rosin produces with each stroke!

Polly’s personal question to all members

A question - what did everyone do about showering?

Sex related issues

Oh goodness me! I am sooo offended!! How dare you!!!

I've never been sexually harassed on this forum. Either you guys are amazingly civilised or I'm doing something wrong!

Was Jeff Berlin ever an 80's porn star?

I believe the inches passed me by in order to bless those deemed more worthy. So it goes. I expect I will soon join a nunnery. 1 inch? Hell, bring it on, I say - better than none

Yes, you MUST be sexy to succeed ...

(The next one is about thinking of importing toyboys from the USA )

These guys will probably be cheaper there than in Oz shops now that our dollar has moved beyond parity (apologies to our balance of trade figures) - even with the $60-something shipping

Pollyanna on Pro drummers

Mick Fleetwood - I like MF's style. He has a great balance between rock solid tightness and improvised nuances. Sound is great. Taste is great. Enjoyable approach, original ideas and subtle random touches.

Billy Cobham - I've always been fan of Billy's drumming

Steve Gadd - ... a musician who can make a cardboard box sound great!

Phil Collins - I loved his playing on Trick of the Tail but was really surprised by his Cobhamesque shredding on the Unorthodox Behaviour album when the album first came out. His combination with Percy Jones was mind blowing at times.

Tony Allen - Such tasty drumming. Africa's answer to Steve Gadd.

Simon Kirke - Simon was definitely an influence on me when I was young. Solid as a rock and always puts the song first, maybe because he is also a songwriter. His fills are woven into the song - almost singable - rather than of the "oh wow" variety. Always a good sound and feel.

Meg White - You know what i think is cool about Meg? Until she came along I didn't think it was possible to play so simply and for it to work - to sound pleasing. That opened my mind, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Ringo Starr - Love his feel and sound.

Mitch Mitchell - Mitch's work with Jimi will always be huge for me.

Steve Jordan - He's played so many different styles with authenticity - never ceases to impress me.

Keith Moon - He played garage style with all its power, spontaneity, freedom and fire ... but he perfected it like no one else.

Bill Bruford - He's just a snoot :)

Interesting comments about these wonderful drummers, which drummer(s) would you say had an influence on your playing?

My influences have varied over the years - in roughly chronological order (memory permitting):

During the 70s - exploring
Ian Paice
Aynsley Dunbar
Bill Ward
Roger Taylor
Mitch Mitchell
Sol Amarfio
Michael Shrieve
Bill Bruford
Chris Slade
John Densmore
Danny Seraphine
Billy Cobham
Richard Bailey
Steve Smith
Steve Gadd
Pretty Purdie

The 80s - trying to keep up with the times
Rob Hirst
Rat Scabies
Doug Falconer
Steve Prestwich
Jon Farris
Tony Thompson

The 90s - just playing but not practising
No one, really

The 00s - filling in the blanks
Ginger Baker
Jim Hodder
Charlie Watts
Meg White
Moe Tucker
Art Blakey
Tony Allen
Reprise all the Steely Dan drummers
Luke Flowers

What she said to some members...

To larryace - Get on the case, Larry!

To keep it simple - Yet again you show your uncanny ability to hone in on the key issue :)

To Drum Mum - I'm hearing ya, sister!

To harryconway - Yes Harry, but that's what the crowd wants - the blood, the anger, the passion!

To resohead - Shave and a haircut.

To KBadd - haha - you clown :p ... I haven't clamped it down tight, upside down for a long time now. I just let 'em hang loose these days and ride and tap 'em gently ...

To DrumEatDrum - Hmm, been a while since your last post ... hope the nurses are treating you well!

To toddy - Hey Toddy, do I look like Pavlov's Dog? I am not going to salivate whenever you ring the bell, lad :p

To sticks4drums - Sticks, you big ning nong! I meant "mature" in context of all of our comments, including mine.

To Bo Eder - Oh, you scamp, you!

To Mad About Drums - Yeah yeah, bullsh* bullsh* :)

To aydee - Bad Abe! Naughty Abe! Go to your corner!

To keep it simple - Man, I have some nerve giving technical advice to a player of your experience and ability lol

To bobdadruma - PS. Bob, last time I looked I was still a woman ... but I can't be sure because I avoid mirrors these days. Not sure what horrors await next time I dare look!

To Mad About Drums - And that's a fine drummer face, MAD - "the neighing horse"? :)

To mo2vation - Rule 14.8, clause 3 of The Moderator Handbook decrees, to wit:
Rule 14.8, clause 3

Members shalt not refer to the etymology of other members' usernames without first submitting a statutory declaration witnessed by The Mayor, stating that the aforementioned etymology speculations are within the specifications laid out in Rule 14.8, clause 3).

This appears not to have been done so you ain't leavin', buddy, you're FIRED!

To larryace - I hope you don't ask me what my point is because I'm getting lost now :)

To Ian Williams - It's Billy Cobham! :) (about a picture of Ian Williams)

To MikeM - Mike, you're a musician so you're allowed to have neurotic little obsessions.

What some members said to (or about) Polly...

Dr_Watso - I doubt polly would be able to get to sleep with a snare in the house sounding bad.

Mad About Drums - You're a dark horse Polly, you're (were) a rockin' lady after all... :)

keep it simple - Pol, you're a seriously warped individual = my kinda gal! :) :) :)

unfunkyfooted - God's Own Thumptress.

bobdadruma - Wow, Polly still hasn't posted on this mess

Ian Williams - I like this one! Polly you are wiser as the devil... :*)

Pocket-full-of-gold - Hey, Pol.....what the hell are you doing on a technique thread?

DrumEatDrum - And if nothing else, Polly makes better jokes than nearly everyone else on this board put together.

sticks4drums - Thank's Mom! :/

larryace - Dammit Pol, this thread is a place to vent! Don't trivialize my pain!

unfunkyfooted - any list that doesn't include Polly is an obvious sham. she should be #22 on this list.

bobdadruma - Polly, Your still a girl I see! Just checking!

Inneedofgrace - I've asked a few questions and gotten great responses/feedback/advice that I appreciate. and I love the posters that have a sense of humor. Many times Polly makes me LOL. It's also great to get people's take on situations from all over the globe.

Pocket-full-of-gold - Can't quite see you in the "no sex before marriage" brigade Pol.

KBadd - Oh Polly! Please say that again! "clamped it down tight, upside down"

larryace - Never sexually harassed? We're sorry! Where's our manners? How did this happen? I'll get on it right away!

Drum Mum - "Polybandous"-that's exactly what I'd like to be!

Bigd - Pollyanna has given some good advice here. I'd listen to this.

Pocket-full-of-gold - She's a self-confessed "stats nerd"....we've just had a census taken here in Oz.

Mo2vation - Now I learn that Polly Anna is a person and not a state of mind. I'm leaving.

larryace - You have to be experienced to be believed Grea. You crack me up.

Ian Williams - You are the SALT and PEPPER in this forum...without you...we better crash and burn! ;-)

IDDrummer - Enough with the false modesty, Polly!!! You know you're the reason we all come back. This drum stuff is just an excuse. Lol

The threads created by Polly…

Pollyanna has created hundreds of threads in this forum, in various topics, here’s some of the most relevant within the forum…

A very popular thread, hundreds of nice pictures…

Show us your tiny kits http://www.drummerworld.com/forums/showthread.php?t=50907

Are you up to a challenge?

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The birth of heavy metal http://www.drummerworld.com/forums/showthread.php?t=82168

What!!! …Blasphemy!!! “Interactions” a Pollyanna’s thread with no reply whatsoever? guys/girls we can’t have this… can someone reply please ;) …I can’t really, I don’t like this particular “Z” song…

Interactions http://www.drummerworld.com/forums/showthread.php?t=78146

lol - it's not compulsory to respond to my threads :)

The other threads created about Polly…

Is Pollyanna a girl? By Migaluch http://www.drummerworld.com/forums/showthread.php?t=63614&highlight=Pollyanna&page=2

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Pollyanna by unfunkyfooted http://www.drummerworld.com/forums/showthread.php?t=80279&highlight=Pollyanna

Glad you've seen the light, MAD.

So beware ... there will be more :)

Her Favourite (pop) songs…

The Beatles ...Strawberry Fields, A Day in the Life

The Police ... Roxanne, Message in a Bottle

Fleetwood Mac - Rhiannon, Tusk

Elton - Candle in the Wind, Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me

Supertramp - The Logical Song, Rudy

10CC - Art for Art's Sake, Une Nuit in Paris

Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams, Would I Lie to You

Kate Bush, Babushka, Joe Jackson, The Reels ..

…and bands

Joni Mitchell
King Crimson
Led Zep
Pink Floyd
Steely Dan
The Beatles
The Who
Weather Report

What you might find on Polly’s playlist…

Maroon 5
George Michael
Robert Palmer
The Bangles
Cilla Black
Crash Test Dummies
Frankie Goes To Hollywood
George Benson…

The list goes on …

Pollyanna’s drumming…

My drumming is so appalling I had to register it as a dangerous weapon!

I have about three beats to my name, rubbish with rudiments, minimal stick control, tempo is dicey, a right foot that makes Meg's bass drum technique look elegant, prone to brain fade errors - and people keep saying I'm a good player.

I'm not too graceful behind the drums ... but I like going nuts when I play - that's why I play :)

As you know, Polly rhythms are far from polyrhythmic, I'm just adding my gratuitous comedy show.

Disclaimer: Do not drive or operate heavy machinery after consuming my drumming :)

It’s a pretty good advice as some of Polly’s playing is definitely of the soothing kind, a relaxed approach within certain songs, with spirit and soulfulness, those of you who have watched Polly’s live performance and listened to her studio recordings on her YouTube channel and/or in the “Your Playing” section would understand what I mean … Despite your own appreciation Grea ;-)) …you’re a very good drummer :))

...so I did a little teaser video for this special occasion featuring some of your drumming, enjoy the ride everyone… (Please set the quality of the YouTube player to “Auto” or 360p)


A big well done and congratulations Polly from all of us at the DW forum, enjoy your “Mayress” status for now, the next one will at 20 000 post, a “Drum Godess From Oz” status? …oooh yeah, baby, yeah ;-))

MAD, I think this post covers it!

Thanks Polly, very much appreciated…

Ha! Takes one to know one :)

LOL, loving the jokes. You are sick, sick people ... it reminds me why I keep coming here ...

Did I mention that MAD's my agent? :)

Oh, hang on… I almost forgot… I do like a bit of fun at cartoon myself Polly, there’s one I did specialy for this celebration, with your help, of course… ;)

Slick work, MAD!


Mad About Drums

Pollyanna's Agent
Yes, I know Polly hasn't exactly hit the 10 000 posts yet :)) ... it's 9 posts short,lol, but if you consider the amount of threads which have been deleted and where she posted, Polly's probably reached the mark a month ago :)

Also, I'm away most of today and tomorrow I'm at work, so I'll probably miss the moment Grea post that "mythic" post :)

Enjoy this thread as much as I enjoyed making it... enjoy the Mighty Pollyanna :)



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Lazy Slightly Wobbly Drummer Woman, This is your life.


Henri, can you imagine how surreal it is for me to read all this? I'm not very emotional so I'm not crying, I'm smiling :)

Thanks heaps for this, Henri. You're amazing! Always generous, organised, creative and everything is done with grace and good intent - like your drumming. You do you realise that now you have to do one of these for The Mayor haha

Thanks to the rest of you who joined in Henri's Grand Conspiracy.

Funny thing ... they always say that online friends aren't real but it's not so cut and dried. A new world. More ways of relating. Having said that, as soon as I'm able I want to have a couple of holidays to meet you guys - one American and one European. It'll be a hoot.

This is a fun place you created, Bernhard! A good vibe with lots of uninhibited eccentricity. Great stuff. I've greatly enjoyed the friendship, knowledge, creativity, insights, reality checks, advice, well placed kicks in the bum, kookiness and, of course, humour.

Um ... I feel like at this stage I should close the coffin lid again and let you get on with the ceremony :)

I will get to that video when I can - hey, this is like Christmas!


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Not sure if it is a little late...

With your sincere efforts, it is no surprise but a super good news. I'm happy for you : D Congratulations Polly on hitting the 5figure post count! C:

Anyways TS did a great job on a thread like this.
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Your post is a tribute to your brilliant conceptual, managerial, and creative skills not to speak of your vision and large-heartedness.

Bravo, bein fait !!

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Wow, I'm just waking up with a headache from last nights gig, & here it is, the uber DW thread of the year. I've already said my piece about Grea, & I mean every word of it & so much more, so this response is about Henri.

Mate, you're a star. Ever since you came to this forum, I've celebrated the arrival of another super valued & wise member. I know you've been working on this Pollypost for months. The amount of research & dedication to the program is beyond reasonable, but it says a lot about you as a person. Not only are you a super tasty drummer, you're a great guy too. I hope I have the honour of meeting in person sometime soon.

Although I read most of this thread some time ago, I'm keen to go through it again. That will have to wait though, otherwise I'll miss tonights gig!!!

Well done Henri mate, & so pleased you're a part of my circle Grea, whether you like it or not ;)


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Not sure if it is a little late...

With your sincere efforts, it is no surprise but a super good news. I'm happy for you : D Congratulations Polly on hitting the 5figure post count! C:

Anyways TS did a great job on a thread like this.
No, you made it in time, BB. Thanks!




Your post is a tribute to your brilliant conceptual, manegerial, and creative skills not to speak of your vision and large-heartedness.

Bravo, bein fait !!

+1 for sure. My mind is still boggled at the scope of the project. This is a mind capable of running a city!

I just looked at the video - very smart piece of research, compilation and editing - totally knocked out.

... this response is about Henri.

Mate, you're a star. Ever since you came to this forum, I've celebrated the arrival of another super valued & wise member. I know you've been working on this Pollypost for months. The amount of research & dedication to the program is beyond reasonable, but it says a lot about you as a person. Not only are you a super tasty drummer, you're a great guy too. I hope I have the honour of meeting in person sometime soon.
+1 again. I'd want you guys to give my eulogy!

It's fun reading the different posts and how everyone's personality shines through in their approach. Always liked drummers, always got along with them. We're a pretty warm and down to earth bunch, as a rule. Maybe not Moonie ... :)

The elephant in the room is having a life. My output here will definitely reduce once I stop being a full-time carer and my musical output will increase, but I'll always check in unless I turn aggro and get banned haha
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No, you made it in time, BB. Thanks!

+1 for sure. My mind is still boggled at the scope of the project. This is a mind capable of running a city!

I just looked at the video - very smart piece of research, compilation and editing - totally knocked out.

+1 again. I'd want you guys to give my eulogy!

It's fun reading the different posts and how everyone's personality shines through in their approach. Always liked drummers, always got along with them. We're a pretty warm and down to earth bunch, as a rule. Maybe not Moonie ... :)

The elephant in the room is having a life. My output here will definitely reduce once I stop being a full-time carer and my musical output will increase, but I'll always check in unless I turn aggro and get banned haha
You're more then welcome :D

4 more post to go!!! You can do it!!!


Well I wasn't invited to the party, but I don't want to be a "Drama Queen" about it! :) Polly, we don't always see eye to eye on stuff, but then is there anyone that I do. You seem like a very intelligent lady. You have lots to offer around this place. Not always easy being in the minority, but you seem to pull it off very well. Keep up the good work on here. Oh, and do me a favour. Get a taste in drummers would you!!!! :)

Swiss Matthias

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Polly, I haven't managed to send my comment to MAD, lame of me!!

But it's indeed a great pleasure to have you on the board, you really bring so much
life to DW! Hope you do have some life left for you beyond your screen :)!!

All the best,
alpine regards



Administrator - Mayor
Staff member
Well now that that's over with Polly, come and catch me if you can.

I, the Mayor of Drummerworld, do hereby proclaim this, May 6th, 2012, to be Polly 10,000 Day. In your honor, honour, you are hereby granted all of the privileges that come with such title. Whatever the hell that may be. Peace.


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Well I wasn't invited to the party, but I don't want to be a "Drama Queen" about it! :)
LOL - well played. Thanks for your message too.

Oh, and do me a favour. Get a taste in drummers would you!!!! :)
You and 8-Mile ... I still have to hand it to Bill Bruford :p That Neil bloke ... well, he's 1000 times better than me so I can't criticise but, man, all that bombast *grin*

Polly, I haven't managed to send my comment to MAD, lame of me!!

But it's indeed a great pleasure to have you on the board, you really bring so much
life to DW! Hope you do have some life left for you beyond your screen :)!!
Thanks Matthias. I have plans to get a life beyond the screen. It involves the dreaded d-word ...

Well now that that's over with Polly, come and catch me if you can.

I, the Mayor of Drummerworld, do hereby proclaim this, May 6th, 2012, to be Polly 10,000 Day. In your honor, honour, you are hereby granted all of the privileges that come with such title. Whatever the hell that may be. Peace.
GD, I'm staggering to 10k ... no threat at all haha


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Thanks for being a positive contributor Pollyanna and that was a nice intro MAD. Both of you have made this forum a good place to hand out.



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Your contributions are wonderful Polly!!!

+1 to K.I.S.'s vote for post of the year.

Pure class act M.A.D. ....


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Superb job, both of you.​
Polly ..... for "going the distance".... congrats.​
MAD ..... simply one of the best sculpted "tribute roasts" on the internet .... good going +1......​


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Henri, Kudos to you for a job well done. I think I've had almost as much fun reading this whole tribute as Polly must be having. Thanks for including all of us.

Polly, all the attention is well deserved. I look forward to many more posts of wisdom and witticisms from you :)