Poll: Cymbal Logos

How important to you are cymbal logos?

  • Very important: I wouldn't buy a cymbal without intact logos and do all I can to protect mine.

    Votes: 6 10.0%
  • Somewhat important: I prefer to have them there, but if a cymbal has a faded logo who am I to judge?

    Votes: 28 46.7%
  • Not important: I don't care at all about logos, on or off. All things turn to dust, so who cares?

    Votes: 21 35.0%
  • Hostile: I actively remove logos from all my cymbals

    Votes: 1 1.7%
  • Weirdo/Psychopath: I keep bottom logos but remove top logos.

    Votes: 4 6.7%

  • Total voters


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I voted for three but only because I’m a weirdo/psychopath. So I’m thinking it’s a trap and will change my vote to one because my answer really is three.


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I try to preserve the logos but I don't think twice about buying a cymbal without the logos. It's the sound I'm after.


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No Go to Logos. Wow every thread has a moral.


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They can be. I know of one drummer who has to have all the logos on the cymbals oriented the same way, as well as the logos on the drumheads. He removes the logos because playing obviously causes the cymbals to spin, messing up the alignment and it really bothers him...to the point where it affects his playing/mood. Yes, he has OCD and yes, he's able to manage it. Removing logos helps manage it while drumming.

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Uh oh..shit....i like my rectangle red 2002 ride logo to be up at the top. If it's sideways during battle I can psyche myself out but if I'm on break I turn it to the top. I knew! I shouldn't have visited this thread again.


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I like to maintain the logos, but mostly because of eventual resale value. Every so often, I feel the need to wipe the slate clean and sell everything, even gear I swore I'd never sell. Also, I have a terrible memory. Once that logo is gone, it's awfully difficult for me to remember exactly which model of 17" cymbal I have.

When buying used cymbals, the condition of the logos is one data point I use for their age and condition. It's not a deal-breaker if the logo is faded or completely gone, but it does tell me that the cymbal has probably seen a lot of use. A pristine logo and clean cymbal (without obvious signs of recent cleaning) tell me upfront that it might have been a closet queen.

Also also, the logos can help you confirm that a cymbal IS what the seller says it is. I don't buy used cymbals enough to tell the difference between a $400 cymbal and a $200 used cymbal without the logo to tell me exactly what I'm looking at.


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Fading logos remind me how long I have owned, played, and enjoyed a cymbal.

yeah, I don't mind natural fading, but avoid deliberate removal


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I prefer logos, and I am trying right now to reinstate some on a Zildjian Crash/Ride that looked like acid or some very nasty liquid had been spilled right over them. Normally I would not buy a cymbal if the logos had been removed. I know the sound is the overriding factor, but how do you identify the actual model if it has no logos? ie cheaper models in a given range?
I have had the logo on the crash/ride laser cut into a stencil using another cymbal as a model, and am now searching for the right paint or ink to re-apply it.


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I voted weirdo, for example I dislike the Ufip logo and I think it clashes with the other cymbals around my kit, so I took off the top ink, but I left the underside intact so the model name is there if I ever sell it. But I make the call on a case by case basis. I kept the green top ink on my Agop Sig because it looks sweet. And the script logo on my Dark Energy is cool too. But I dislike and removed the block Paiste logo from another cymbal.