Poll: Cymbal Logos

How important to you are cymbal logos?

  • Very important: I wouldn't buy a cymbal without intact logos and do all I can to protect mine.

    Votes: 6 10.0%
  • Somewhat important: I prefer to have them there, but if a cymbal has a faded logo who am I to judge?

    Votes: 28 46.7%
  • Not important: I don't care at all about logos, on or off. All things turn to dust, so who cares?

    Votes: 21 35.0%
  • Hostile: I actively remove logos from all my cymbals

    Votes: 1 1.7%
  • Weirdo/Psychopath: I keep bottom logos but remove top logos.

    Votes: 4 6.7%

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Neal Pert

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I used to have a practice of removing all logos from my cymbals. I know some people still do. Right now all my cymbals are Paiste with intact logos, though I have an urge to just clean all the logos off the Masters cymbals and let them form a patina. What do you do?

Out of Round

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I went through a "no logo" phase with a mixed set of Zildjian and Sabians. The uneven and streaky patina that developed over the spots where I removed the ink pretty much defeated the purpose of having a clean look that eventually aged well.

These days, I like having the logos on my Paistes. The flash of red on a 2002 still turns my head, probably from seeing them in all those videos on early MTV. A Pavlovian response, I guess.


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It's all or nothing for me. I like nice solid logos but if they're substantially faded I'll use acetone to finish the job and put them out of their misery. Those cymbals then become practice-only instruments. I would never gig with them.


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I fly my PAiSte logos proud 😅
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C.M. Jones

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Ideally, my cymbals would be logo free. I think cymbals look more tasteful/classic that way. But my Zildjian A Avedis logos are so understated that I don't mind them at all. Also, the series has a patina finish that I'm afraid might be compromised if I scrub the logos off. Hence, I'm leaving them alone and letting oxidation run its long but certain course.


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I like the naked cymbal look, but only if it comes that way from the factory. If it comes with a logo, I leave it on. It doesn’t bother me. If I am cleaning a cymbal and it’s a possibility that the cleaner will remove the logo, I will be careful not to rub it off.

I am a skeptical person, so when someone has a [insert expensive cymbal model/brand here] listed w/ no logos, I get nervous. I like to keep my cymbals as close to new as possible (within reason). Logos or not.


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My K ride.. the logo is 90degree CW from the heaviest side of the cymbal.. so naturally, I never hit the logo. It's not the type of cymbal that can be washed.. so I guess the logo will remain intact without any efforts.

Just passing a humid cloth with dish soap occasionally on the cymbal to remove grease from the surface, that about all the cleaning required it's not altering the patina.

I kind of like the logos, they represent top of the line, it's comfortable to look at. Plus, they are m ade in the USA for the K's or made in Turkey... awesome.

I try to keep the logos intact to preserve their visual appeal.

...unless we're talking about Sabian's logo. Their new design should be cast into the Mariana Trench.


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I voted for #2....

I feel that cymbals look good with logos, and am proud to show what kind of cymbals I use (Zildjian) because in my formative years about what was "cool" about drumming, the logos of all of the drums were a big part of it. All of my notebooks from middle and high school have drawings of drums and cymbals with the logos, and even the logos themselves (and NOT a lot of actual notes ;) ).

I will not shun buying a used cymbal just b/c it has no logo

but I also am not in the mindset of "if they don't pay me, I don't advertise"...I always thought that was sort of a corny attitude to have


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I fall into pretty much every one of those categories. In general I don't mind logos, but I don't go out of my way to protect them while cleaning, and because I usually only clean the top of a cymbal they usually end up with only ink on the bottom and completely clean on the top.

Al Strange

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I like my logo’s and I’m careful not to remove them when cleaning. On the flip side I have no problem with a logo that has faded from playing…I know, doesn’t make a lot of sense, but I prefer a natural worn look as opposed to simply removing them. Perhaps we need another category?! :unsure:😂


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I prefer no logos anywhere. I even remove them from my vehicles and they look so much cleaner without that debris stuck to the body.


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Logos distract you from playing?

They can be. I know of one drummer who has to have all the logos on the cymbals oriented the same way, as well as the logos on the drumheads. He removes the logos because playing obviously causes the cymbals to spin, messing up the alignment and it really bothers him...to the point where it affects his playing/mood. Yes, he has OCD and yes, he's able to manage it. Removing logos helps manage it while drumming.

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