Political contribution$ and drumming

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Good point-the most obvious-it's photography isn't it. Oldskoolsoul you have a very analytical nature-what do you do for a living (oh wait a drummer?). But the thread brings up what I think are some interesting topics (like the thread Alex posted some of his questions) and why are some subjects taboo-even if they do have a drum link. Like I think "motorcycles" now have a red flag because past issues with the topic. I think we as a community really guide the tone-the moderators can only moderate. I think we can be civil and take up volatile topics and express ourselves in a respectful manner? The UK bunch showed me that discussing their political issue. I don't see harm in expressing opinions-even the ones I disagree, but I do see harm in losing tempers and saying things or threatening physical assault. I think we could create rules of engagement in regard to special topics. I wouldn't want to burden the moderators so self governing would be best.


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..Oldskoolsoul you have a very analytical nature-what do you do for a living (oh wait a drummer?)..

Well, i saw the thread title, read all the replies, and i noticed that "drumming" (or anything related to that) was not mentioned at all anymore after the thread title (except briefly in the reply by cbphoto)..

As far as i am concerned the thread title could also have been..: Polital contribution$ and cooking..

Thats why i thought to ask for a clarification regarding this..😄
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