Polarizing bands/singers.


I'm talking about NO MIDDLE GROUND at all. Some bands/singers that people either love or hate

Nickelback - they've become a punchline of sorts over the past couple of years

Dave Matthews band - see above. They seem to become some sort of barometer of "how white" you are

Jimmy Buffet - Millions of "Parrot heads", but there's also websites facebook groups, etc. dedicated to their loathing of him

Any other examples out there?

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A lot of people hate Michael Stipe’s (R.E.M.) singing voice, they think it’s whiny. I agree that it is, but their song Losing My Religion converted me anyway.


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I'm talking about NO MIDDLE GROUND at all. Some bands/singers that people either love or hate

Nickelback - they've become a punchline of sorts over the past couple of years
I don't get the Nickleback thing - because they couldn't be MORE middle ground....they're not great,they're not terrible -they're just ....ok. They don't evoke love or hate or any emotion really imo....unless 'meh' counts ?


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Alanis Morrisette is polarizing.

That whole head-bobby thing and her slurry nasally, whiney vocals.

An absolutely beautiful woman though.


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It's unfortunate the polarization is often none of the artists' fault at all. Perfect example, Rush.


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I like her singing.

Now I’m kind of sad
Isn't it ironic? Don't you think?

Dream Theater

Honestly there are tons. Metal bands for the most part are despised the world over, even banned in some countries. Yet their fans are ravenous.

Any trendy pop stuff. Barbie Girl, Who Let the Dogs Out, these kinds of "bands". People either love it or hate it.

Electronic bands. The OG classic rock folks love that stuff.

I could go on but won't.

As for Nickelback, I don't like their music. But someone obviously does or they wouldn't still be here. Linkin Park too.


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Any rap band seems polarizing. I've dissed them too to be fair though but that's bull crap-I run my mouth to much a times and say idiotic things. I'd argue without African/American influences on jazz, R&B, blues, gospel, rock , etc. and now rap we wouldn't have any good music LOL. But both those attitudes bother me and seem discriminatory/border on racist to me so see they are polarizing. All the dreaded "qualifiers" are a rabbit hole of your own making you can trip on. I like Buddy Rich's synopsis there's good and bad music. That's really the only qualifying you need.


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Wow just tube surfing and see quarantined Italians singing from their balconies. Let's all go outside and sing from our balconies in support. I'd like to teach the World to sing in perfect harmony, blah, blah, blah, crap I can't remember the rest-but I'll make up lyrics as I keep going-no worries. Remember the movie "Animal House" when John Belushi yells "We can do it". Just maintain social distance-and if you sling phlegm like Steve Marriott in Humble pie you need to wear some sort of mask. Thirty days in the Hole-you'd drown in phlegm.


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I don't know if it's their voices or what, but these three tend to be love 'em or hate 'em types:

Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Roger Waters.

But they're some of my favourites.


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Music is a polarizing subject anyway. It's hard to discuss it without bringing "tightly held to" likes and dislikes into the conversation.

Ultimately, at it's core, music is a deeply personal singular experience.

I find it hard to relate to someone else's deeply personal musical experience...when their musical preferences repel me.

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Guns & Roses.....
I can't stand them for multiple reasons, but one reason is the singer and his voice.
I'll also say just about any death/extreme metal band, but that's were I live so it doesn't bother me at all.
He sounds like Martin Short's version of Kate Hepburn on SNL. Wretched. I loved GnR back in the day. But I would require Axl to pay me, in order to go to a show.

Alanis still sounds really good. I'm not sure about that one. I think fans of Ani DiFranco are still mad she stole her fire.


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I go through phases with music-it recycles some but often goes off into weird tangents. Like suddenly stuff like this is grabbing me.
. Reminds me of Mars Volta a bit. So my answer of polarizing would shift given my phase and mindset.