Plz post your Non-4/4 tunes/snippets in this thread.

Tribe of Hofund

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Greetings Drummers
We are Tribe of Hofund, a pagan inspired electronic due, and have just introduced ourselves in the dedicated thread at this forum. To the case at hand:

For all of you who are interested in other signatures than straight forward 4/4, we wonder if you would help us make an inspriation-thread with your own examples? You can post tunes as well as short examples and snippets or videos of performances.

E.g. sometimes we are amazed how modern DAWs can offer 40+ gb of prefab'ed loop to newcomers all in 4/4 with the trivial subdivision of 8 and 16.

Come one! We can count to more (or less) than four. It is but one of many time signatures. You are drummers. Let's explore the others.

As to signatures allowed, note that we do not consider a shuffled 4/4 a straight forward 4/4 because the subdivision will actually be pushed toward 12 or 24 and not 8 or 16. So if you got some Jazzy or bluesy shuffle or swing this will do. A Waltz would be lovely too. So will any polyrhythm where 4 is contrasted to other meters. Likewise if you have a tune where parts of it is in 4/4 but it alternates between other signatures, it is welcome too. However, a syncopated 4/4 is still a 4/4, so being funky won't help it turn into something else. ;)

We shall start by posting some examples and hope you will chime in with yours, so we can have an "alternative meter" playlist.

5/8 -> 5/4 -> 5/8
Polyrhythmic 6:4
6/8 -> 4/4 -> 6/8

Now, your turn. Thanks in advance for any contributions.

Freya's peace and happy music making to all of ya. 🪘🎻🎺

Gothi and Peter Siegmund Wildling
Tribe of Hofund

Tribe of Hofund

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A snare drum solo in 15/16:

Here's a session I did last year that had changing time signatures throughout:
Hi Jonathan
Thanks for the contribution. I happen to work on a 15/16 for the moment. Not a meter I am used to tame, but it is exciting and challenging.
You have a gentle, steady and natural flow in my ears. In the last vid, the changes of signatures more or less go unnoticed. That is not a bad thing in book. I tend to say that the flow in odds should be so natural that people do not figure they are not in 4/4 unless they try to count it. Thanks again.

Kind Regards

Tribe of Hofund

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Tribe of Hofund

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Greetings Midgard
Another tune from the darkness of Hel. It goes 10/4. Thus, the guitar theme + drums are counted in 10. However, the ocarina theme is in 4/4 and occasionally turns the rhythm into a 10 against 8 (or 5 against 4 if you prefer) polyrhythm.
Freya´s Peace
Gothi and Peter