Plug for Bill Bachmnan's Skype Hand Lessons!


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I thought I'd drop a line here sharing my great experience with Bill Bachman, fellow forum member. I have been taking drum set lessons for about a year now, and skype hand technique lessons with Bill for maybe 3 or 4 months.

I've had 3 (live) teachers so far. I love my current drum set teacher, but the thing with him and the others I've had, is that I was learning good drum set material and also how to read music, but the hand technique part was very absent. I have been told that my hand technique "will just come with time". After much frustration while going though our snare book, and finding out the more I learn how to read, the less I seem to be able to play, I decided to give this Bill guy from the forum a chance, before I even knew about his solid credentials as a drumline player, world championships, and what not.

During our first lesson, he gaged my hands. From then on, he assigns weekly drills out of one of his books, and checks on it the following week. What impressed me the most about Bill is how organized he is. For instance, when I walk into my regular drum set lesson locally, my teacher asks me "So, what did I give you"? I then remind him of what we did, where we were, and what we are about to do. It's no problem at all, and it works. I was very pleasantly surprised when I had my second lesson with Bill, and he opens this folder, and just seemed to know exactly what he had assigned me, what my previous issues with my hands where last week, and what was expected this week.

Another thing I find extremelly valuable with this lessons is his inability to quit telling me what I am doing wrong. I mean, you would think someone would stop reminding you to raise your right hand further and keep your left pinky on the stick after the 157th time, but not Bill :) He contantly reminds me to correct things that have already been brought up, week after week. And it's not that I'm retarded (ok, maybe a little), but the fact that he is on my case about these things really help.

And lastly, he has the ability to explain very clearly how things should feel, mechanically. That is the key, at least for me. And the Skype thing really works, at least for practice pad stuff. I can clearly see what he is doing, and he can clearly see what I am doing, and comment on it. It is very worth it, IF you have decent internet connection, of course. Although, I have to say, once my internet video went out, and Bill asked me to play something so he could just hear. I was thinking it was a waste of time, since he couldn't see what I was doing...until he said: "You need to raise your right hand more". How the hell...? How did you..? Huh..?

I won't go into the technique itself, and how much I've improved, because that goes without saying. All I can say is Bill is extremelly organized, patient, and a true master of hand technique. Most importantly, he can communicate clearly the mechanics, and assure I'm on the right path not wasting time during practice. Thanks man!