Please Vote to Give $10,000 to my Local All Ages Music Commuunity


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Somebody in my local area is trying to start a permanent all ages music venue/ jam space, which is a great idea and something the community really needs because finding a place to put on all ages shows is becoming increasingly difficult. He's in the running for a $10.000 grant from pepsi, and if he got it, it would be a huge boost to the local music community.

To get the $10,000, you have to finish in the top 3, and this idea is currently in fourth place. Voting ends on august 31st and it'd be greatly appreciated if any of you took the time to vote. You'll have to make an account first, but that takes literally less than two minutes and after you've made your account, you can vote every day until the contest is over. Please take the time to help out the local music community!

You can vote here: