Please suggest me better way of recording guitar


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Right now i am micing my Flextone 2 with a pg57 mic...sending the mic into a six channel alesis mixer and using the gain on the mixer as a mic preamp....then i send the mixer into a Behringer firewire port and into my computer where i capture the sound with sony acid 6.0...any tips to improve my recorded sound?...or maybe a new way of doing it?....any and all suggestions are very new to recording but i did my bands (the one i play drums for) recordings all on my own and i think they sound pretty good...thanks


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When my guitarist brought his half stack here, we recorded him by sending his "headphone" jack straight to the jack on the back of the computer. This had a clear sound, but a weird amount of white noise.

Here is a sample if you want to hear, may or may not be better than what you are already doing.

Let me know if you download it, so I can take it down to save server space.



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dude i use a samson Q8 connected up to the front mic port of my creative X-fi. Sounds pretty good. Planning on someday getting a marian trace 8 and some valve mic preamps, as well as a couple of condensers but for now:

my song

I recently discovered that you should put your mic at an angle to the guitar speaker and on the edge and make it so that it is a few inches away from your amp. Also in my case i need to give the top end a bit of a boost but after that it sounds quite good. You can't really hear hear the guitar massively well but there's nothing i can really do about the hihats. I only have 3 mics so i can't really isolate the hihat very well which is really loud.