Please offer your critique!


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Here is an mp3 of me playing a few days ago. I haven't been playing very much lately, maybe once a month if i'm lucky. i really want to get back to playing more, so i thought id ask you guys what you think i need to work on. when my wife gets back to work, i may go get some lessons.

This is the drumless track "halftime shuffle". I know i had a few hiccups here and there, mostly because my headphone wire kept catching my stick! ( i need to move my headphone amp!)

Thanks for any critique!


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Thanks guys! I felt like it was a little tight too! When i get some time, i'll record some more and post. I appreciate the feedback!


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Very nice in terms of technique, but you're not locking in with the groove. You need to relax the groove a bit more, lay back a bit . . . although occasionally you're too far behind the beat, too. If you just concentrate on locking in with everything else, and "thinking more from your gut", it shouldn't take too much work.


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Count the quarters out loud to yourself next time ;) The drums sound great and your feel is beautiful, you just need to internalize the quarter notes and roll right through it. Loved the fills Jay.