more phone pics


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Phone cameras are very competent these days. Really. If you know what you're doing.

The best camera is the one you have on you. I've seen some great shots taken with a phone camera.


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Hmm... These were shot on a cell phone:

You know what they say, its the photographer, not the equipment.


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As with any camera, much depends on the lighting. In a dark location, you're not likely to get very good shots without a long exposure (on-camera flashes are usually terrible). This is particularly true for phone cameras. While they have improved tremendously, they still suck in low light situations. Conversely, don't shoot in direct bright sun and expect great results either. The harsh shadows tend to mar the overall look. Bright, soft light will give the most reliable results, no matter what the camera is.


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All of the photos I have posted in the last three years are from my iPhone. If you email the pictures to yourself using the medium setting, they are the perfect size for posting here at Drummerworld. Email, save to desktop, then when posting to this forum, use them from your desktop. Other phones I'm not sure about, but my iPhone, and the others posted on this thread bear out that phone pics can be good. My iPhone has a 12 megapixel camera which is bigger than the old digital camera I use to use.

Matt Bo Eder

I've been super impressed with my new iPhone 6s Plus. But I have a couple of DSLR's I use for photo-business stuff, but I've been advertising that I still prefer to shoot film these days. If the iPhones keep getting better, I'll just go back to film for my real camera stuff and dump all the DSLR's.

This has nothing to do with the thread, just wanted to chime in ;)


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My basement doesn't have adequate light, but I make it work. I have pulled out the DSLR at times, but that has its challenges and doesn't guarantee a better image. A DSLR gives you the opportunity to start with higher quality pixels for post production, but if you don't have the ability to capture a well exposed image (venue is too dark, your lenses aren't fast enough, you aren't allowed to use flash or adjust ambient light, etc.) you aren't going to end up with a much better image from the DSLR.

In my basement I actually prefer to use the cell phone for internet images of my drums. The lens is an ultrawide angle (which helps for confined shots of big things like drums), its aperture if f/1.9 (good luck finding an ultrawide lens with a f/1.9 aperture for a DSLR), it's 16Mp so scaling down reduces noise significantly, and it has a fantastic auto-HDR function so I don't have to use the flash.


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Some nice pics there fellas. Having said that, I know a BAD PHONE pic when I see one. Was more of a rant about bad picture taking than anybody's particular phone. Sue me !
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Jeremy Bender

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Okay so not the greatest photo but it was taken from an i-phone after several drinks in a restaurant/museum in Jackson Mississippi dedicated to the blues and music history of the Delta. Pretty cool Gretsch round badge bop kit with Ludwig snare...