Please help with some info. CBS Masterworks by Pearl Japan


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Hi everyone, I’m hoping somebody out here could help identify an older vintage “garage sale“ kit I got for $30. I have been searching online and have found absolutely nothing on CBS Masterworks by Pearl Japan. I have been a Pearl player for many many years, but I don’t know much about these. I know it’s not a “Masterworks”. It does seem early or mid 70’s I think. It has a beautiful vintage blue tiger stripe wrap. The coffin style lugs and wood/fiberglass shells indicate that at some point it was a half decent kit. It’s definitely a very very playable and warm sounding kit. I am on able to post pictures at the moment for some reason, (they are regular size pictures but apparently they are too large to post) Any help would be amazing. Thank you. Once I can figure out the whole picture issue, I will definitely be posting them. But any background on the CBS Masterworks by Pearl Japan would stop driving me crazy.