Please help with some advice


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I am no forensic drum expert but this seems like a way better set for $100 more. The add says nothing about the cymbals and stands so would have to ask if they are included.

I like Sonar
Agreed and agreed.

I still have my first kit which is a Maxwin by Pearl five piece stencil kit.
It served me well, not only as a starter kit, but for many, many years after.
Just like countless other drummers experienced with their Pearl Export kits.
I still have my good old Pearl World Series kit. It is very old fashioned. And ergonomic it is by far not as nice as modern kits, but the sound is still awesome and it gives me still a lot of fun playing it. Just be kind to your drum kit and your drum kit will be nice to you. But sorry guys, this is off topic :)


Bottom line here is: you cab get way better used kits for this price, whether in playable condition or in need of fixing...