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From what I've read, John Bonham used a Ludwig, Gold Tone Cowbell, model #129, in the song, The Good Times The Bad Times, as well as in other songs.

I'm not certain of the size of the Gold Tone #129 model. I believe it to be either a 4" or a 5". Anyone know for sure?

I believe it to have been made by Paiste and supplied to Ludwig in the 60's to 80's.

I have only been able to find 4 different cowbells presently available from Ludwig but none of them is a "Gold Tone" or the #129 model. Anyone know if one of the models presently available is the same sound as a gold tone model #129.

Here is a link to the page that has the present Ludwig cowbells and their sizes on it.

If you have a Ludwig Gold Tone Cowbell and would sell it, I'm interested.

If I can't locate a model #129, I will go with a new make/model cowbell that has the same sound.

Can anyone help me out with what present day make/model of cowbell might best work to get the cowbell sound I'm looking for from Zeppelin's, The Good Times The Bad Times?

Can anyone help me out and recommend a good cowbell mount for attaching a cowbell to a Ludwig Atlas cymbal stand mount?




Anyone help me out here?

Thanks all and Happy New Year!