Please help me to chose a hit hat cymbal (Wuhan, Meinl, Stagg, Sabian)


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Hi guys, i'm new in this forum, my name is Camilo... sorry but my english is very bad...

I'm searching a new hit hat to me drum kit, i have the next options (to my budget).

I'm from Chile and the market is so limited, actually i just have a Wuhan China (16"), and i'm in process to complete my kit.

And my optiones are:

HH Stagg SH 14" ("new") $150 US
HH Meinl Customs 14" (old serie, "new") $ 128 US
HH Sabian B8 Pro 14" (old serie, used) $ 107 US
HH Wuhan Traditional 14" (new) $128 US


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Meinl Classics
Sabian B8 pros
Stagg SG
Wuhan (This are legit shit), exept the chinas, there bad but for metal they sound decent.